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  • I totally agree. Those Pokeshipping songs make me cringe. I can't stand what 4Kids. They pushed Pokeshipping wayy to much. I mean, the Japanese version didn't even do that, just the English version. There's your reason why I can't stand Pokeshipping.
    OK, what mostly caught my attention about Pearlshipping was the close bond Ash and Dawn have; their bond is much stronger then the Advanceshipping bond. I also have noticed that Dawn is a lot more like Ash then either Misty or May are. That's like really hard not to notice. Ash hasn't missed a single one of Dawn's contest; he never did that for May. High Touch also helped. Ash never sang a song with May, he did with Misty but that doesn't count since it's English dub song. Omg, there's so many reason's why but I don't want to this post so long.
    Good! =) Have been mostly lurking I FINALLY logged back on after trying so much... I can't wait for DP 161!!! How've you been?
    Yeah, you're probably right but still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm praying to god that we'll get a hint from this Pikari/Deedee thing. I can't wait.
    Anyways, so what's up today? Do you like reading FanFics?
    Hey, you brought up a lot of interesting points in there. Would you like to learn why I changed from AdvanceShipping to Pearlshipping?
    Yeah, I really do. Although, today seemed to drag on for me today.
    Either way, I really can't wait. I'm like so excited. I'm really hoping a hint will come from the Pikari/Deedee thing. She even want Satoshi to know. Something has to come, it just has to.
    Oh nice, I don't really pay attention to all those speeches a stuff. I just them boring.
    I guess we'll find out on Thursday. I just it was Thursday already. I don't know how much more I can take. I'm like trying not to rip my hair out.
    Plus, we're also gonna find out the truth about Hikari's nickname Pikari and I really can't wait. She really didn't want Satoshi and I'm like really interesting.
    This waiting is gonna really drive me insane. Is it Thursday yet?
    yep, I've seen you tons of times on the Pearlshipping thread as well. your posts are really awesome :)
    yes, this is the first time you've VMed me before...and I know you are a Pearlshipper (considering that I've seen you post many times in the thread, and that I've read your signature before as well)
    well, I'm fine, I'm good..I guess.
    ...but, a lot's going on in my life right now. loss of self-esteem, that's what x(
    but I won't go into that.
    and, how are you?
    I'm doing good, I actually begin Mid-Terms this week so lucky me, I get this whole week off from school. How about you?
    I'm like really hoping that Ursula could have a huge impact on Ash and Dawn's friendship. I'm guessing you saw my post on the Pearlshipping thread, am I correct?
    I never trusted the one that told me to go to hell. The others don't, too. They also don't know why they're friends with her. Now she's blaming ME for what happenned and causing a war between the people at our table.

    All she does is gossip about everyone else behind their backs and start rumors.
    Yeah, sure. If you want.
    But I don't have that much longer to talk here. School tomorrow morning. It's already almost 9:30 here and I have to jump in the shower.
    Oh, sure. I'd love to hear those factors. And don't mind me being a Multishipper. I support Pearl, Ikari, and Advance.
    Hi There! ^^
    Sorry about the late reply, I've been busy these last couple of days. I'm doing good, but I've really busy. From school to the musical rehearsals I barely have time to myself anymore. That's pretty much it.
    how about you? how are things?
    Hi. I'm kinda mad and sad at the same time.

    One of my closest friends had her birthday party the other day and didn't invite me. To make things even worse she tried prank-calling me and then calling back to say sorry, then another one of my friends there told me to go to hell.
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