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  • Hey cdra, it's been awhile. Tell me how your doing if and when you come back on. Remember Winds of Change, I drew a picture of Strike. He turned out really adorable.
    Hi Cdra. I was just reading essence of the elementals. I remember the fun we had on that Rpg. Maybe we could don one like that again. Well have fun doing what you do.
    Well, I can wait until you send out the next plot as I assure you that if I were to make a random post, it probably would be a tad too short for my tastes. I'd rather wait for plot to come along and post a decent, quality post rather than post something real short like I have nothing to work with.

    Sooo I'll just wait for the next plot point.
    Just curious, just what am I supposed to be doing?

    I don't like making pointless posts that goes no where. I would have posted something, but I think it's a little redundant to post my character going to the twin towers for shopping.
    Okay... I'll change it to three minutes. I know but I saw some really bad typos in there and I had to change it. Then I decide to just correct everything that I missed my first few read through.
    I have downgraded the keyblade ability, tell me if that's any better. I also fixed the grammarical errors (that I noticed) just to mention.
    I'm almost done with my sign-up cdra, I just have to make the other world forms and I'll be finished.
    Hey cdra. S_o_S here. This has probably already occurred to you, but a discussion thread for the Nonsense Game would be really useful...
    My Character for the Unown World is done and I got carry away..... it eight pages long in verdana font, size 10; little more than four of it is just the origin... It was longer but I made myself shorten it. Cat won't be happy if he mets Rain.
    Well it took me long enough but... WELCOME BACK CDRA!!! *throw confetti and puts up a big sign, golden sign*

    I would have join the Nonsense Game but I got stuck on my sign-up for it... again! DX That is the first RPG sign-up that has ever got me stuck in my tracks...
    It is Hawt Hawt hawt! It is Hawt Hawt Hawt!

    Down here in Flor-i-da!

    But to everyone else, it is ''cold'' to them; this is Almost summer up in New York! hehe

    I has found brief access to Wifi-ness! So here am I! ...



    I wonder if fruits do have brains. I thought they were inanimate objects...but then again I can be wrong about that. o_O;;;

    At least I'm glad that I won't lose any limbs or that my head won't be bitten off. XD
    Hey cdra, mind if I revive the old sign-up I had for the Nonsense Game? X3 Been trying to make a funnier one, but suffice to say, I'm at a loss. 'Course, I'm going to revamp it a little.

    And I'll keep my eye out in the underworld. If the apocalypse is coming, that means hell is freezing over. I wanna be there to take a picture. XD
    A zombie?! o_O;

    Well, I completely you'll be the friendly sort that doesn't rip out my heart...or guts..or whatever you call it. ;3
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