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  • I'll Be Online Tom. Whole Day. I'll Finish the Trading Sessions.
    CandySweet, And Others too. Been Busy due to school events.
    -GMT +4 Manila Time.
    Just Deleted Message Folder. That 1 Notification is also Gone. please pm me again thank you.
    Lavaburst ;)
    of course it's hacked if you didn't make a typo. there was never any pcny celebi for gen 3.
    The only legendaries I can get again is Uxie, Azelf, and Giritina so those are the ones I'd be willing to trade! I can get them again cause I am replaying Platinum,, Other than those I don't really have anything special to trade. I also have Lv1 Togepi, Lv 12 Cyndaquil, Lv 6 Chimchar, and I can breed a Chikarita. I can get my hands on a Piplup or Turtwig if you would really prefer one of those. I'd just have to restart my game over,,, xD
    Hello, Cear! I saw your post about Arceus. I don't have many of anything cause I was really late in buying the game,, But, I'm very interested! Maybe we can figure something out? :)
    Well, I can check for you if you'd like. Of course i'll give you a collateral pokemon or i can trade for it and if it's public we do a trade back.
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