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  • Thanks! Indeed you weren't haha, any predictions for my next hunt on Route 5? My target is Gothita, and Eevee is now a lovely shiny Glaceon :D good luck to you too!
    Thanks, you too! I'm not sure about the Celebi: I just heard people on Discord talking about hunting it on Crystal VC. Congrats on those Nidoran! Chaining low encounter rate pokemon are hard, so props to ya xD. Good luck with the breeding! Any predictions for when this Eevee will shine? I'm only on just past 3k atm :)
    I wasn't really either: I think Crash and Aqua told me most of what happened. And that's fine :). I'm looking hard for a job but no luck yet. I do want to buy Crystal VC when I have the money: I've only played the remakes not the originals. The prospect of hunting for Celebi is also awesome~ Diamond was my first game so it'll always be my favorite. Good luck on your hunts! I'm on the hunt mainly for my Black 2 BQ shiny #3, Eevee with repel trick in Castelia Park, just like I did in my White 2 BQ..just please don't take 16k and five months this time Eevee :p
    It does indeed! I miss those days, the drama that ensued aside. Btw do you have discord? And I agree! I'm still at tafe myself so I can relate about that taking your main focus :)
    I'm pretty good right now, except my hayfever is being annoying xD. I took a long hunting break due to rsi, but I did do some on my Sun after I beat the game. SOS liked me, mm not so much. I've only gotten shiny Rowley through mm compared to multiple SOS shinies. I recently got back to full odds this year with my Black 2 BQ :)
    Hey Ceecee :) It's me RaichuArcanine from SHU and here! Couldn't get onto my old account sadly so I had to make a new one! Good to see ya again :) I hope you're well!
    Thanks! I have two weeks of revision at school now before my finals so I hope that that combined with my own study will help me do well.
    MAJOR GRATS ON TAILOW! So glad it was what you wanted, just got back from having three fillings done at the dentist so my mouth hurts. Btw I might not be on for a while, my mum split water on my laptop and I've been trying to fix it, otherwise I'll just have to share time on this computer.
    Congratulations, Ceecee! That Taillow looks amazing. It's got to be one of the, if not THE best bird shinies. I couldn't imagine what it actually looks like in game. It's one thing to see a picture, but it is probably so vibrant and amazing when you actually see it on screen.

    Here's hoping some of your next hunts are under the odds. You have had an awful time lately, and it can be so unfair. Good luck!
    OMG YAY! Huge congrats on Taillow Ceecee! So happy you got that gorgeous shiny Taillow at last~ :) Really hoping your luck gets better from here! *gives luck*
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