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  • Heya Ceecee ^_^
    Hehe, thank you. I had a bit of a random moment when I came up with "Drifloof" xD

    Ah well don't be deceived, none of my Eevee chains got to 40 without several chainbreaks beforehand. It's just about being persistant and hoping you get lucky, isn't it? ;/
    But you know, you've been catching a lot of Shinies lately. Not a bad jump from someone who used to have a hard time finding any ;3

    I haven't been chaining anything much, except that single Shiny Spoink I got a week or two ago. My SRing has slowed too, but that may have something to do with getting Platinum..
    When I do SR, it's mainly Dialga still. Unless I capture it, i'm going to be stuck atop of Mt. Coronet forever(since i'm blocked from leaving the area until I do). I'd love to continue playing through Diamond, which is why i'm putting more effort into this one x_x
    Nothing on Rayquaza either.

    Have you, or will you, be importing Platinum? I downloaded that Secret Key thing today, so I could get the alternate Rotom formes. They're kinda cute, i'm tempted to go after a Shiny Rotom now x3

    So how have you been, are you well? ^^
    okay, nothing then
    Oh and the next time you chain, just get a Syncher to get better natures ok? Like an adamant machop or sth like that
    wait, if you don't want clones, we can't trade...
    but I don't uderstand you, they're a glitch, they can't do anything to your file
    Heah Ceecee Sorry about the last club...but this one is way better..the Pokemon Platinum club!! Come join if interested.
    hey i got gengar and porygonZ(shiny)but if u want the pkmn i would like to ask u to join a forum that had chatbox......such as pokemon.77forum.com
    Yeah, good luck to you too.
    I'll do some more resets later, i'm too sleep-deprived right now to want to try at the moment x3

    Have fun, and have a good day/afternoon/night or whatever your timezone is currently in ~
    My Rayquaza hunt is going quite the same as all my other hunts at the moment - unsuccessfully! 'x3

    And no I don't actually, my mind tends to wander when I SR, so it becomes mildly difficult to keep track of how many times I reset.. I do try to note the number of hours I go on for, but then sometimes I slow down or speed up the rate at which I reset at, depending on what else i'm doing at the time, so it wouldn't help much in working out roughly how many i've done anyways ;/
    I would put a bit more effort into counting, but I think that when you know how long you've been resetting for, the harder and more frustrating it gets to continue. Sometimes it's better to not know ^_^

    How do you count your SRs? Do you just work out an average based on how long you've been resetting for, and the number of resets you'd usually do in however-many minutes? Or do you count each reset as you do them? =O

    No worries, i'm the king of late replies, so I can't complain 'xP
    Heya, thank you =3
    I am, i've been alternating between Rayquaza, Registeel and Piplup. Now the Regi is out of the way, I can focus on Rayquaza a bit more =]
    I'm hunting it in Ruby, and it's the last thing I have to do before I can restart(which I want to do so I can try for a starter Shiny x3), so it is the next priority GBA target.

    So sure! - we'll see who it Shines for first >;3

    Best of luck Ceecee ~ :)
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