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  • Ceecee I have an Idea. Why don't you put your banner in your sig and link it to the front page of CBC? You have plenty of room in your sig. ANd why don't you start on another? The only thing bad about this one is the letters and the backround is kinda ify so other than that it's great. ANd the sprites; AWSOME. So thanks!
    Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that. I may have gotten lucky in my DS games, when it came to SRing for Shinies, but that luck is pretty much non-existant for my GBA games ;O

    I'm currently alternating between Rayquaza, Registeel(and maybe Regirock and ice too), and Deoxys, although i'm focusing on Rayquaza more.
    I would do a starter, but I can't restart any of my games yet :/

    Are you looking for anything else other than Torchic? :)
    I know, super-lucky! The awsomeness of finding a Shiny bush is much greater when you have a feeling that it's just about to appear, like I did then. That happened when I found my random Shiny Gyarados too - I must be clairvoyant xP

    Diamond will be useful as extra box space as well, which you'll inevitably be needing when you get really good at chaining for Radar Shinies ;O
    I'll be SRing for some Legendaries, i'm just finishing up SRing for a good IVed PBR Magmortar, and then I can restart Diamond.
    Perhaps we can race for something sometime ;3
    Well you've caught a few more Shinies since, haven't you? Great job, it's exactly how it happened for me - I kept trying and trying without success, and then after I got my first Shiny, they kept reeling in ^^'

    Yeah, they are, but you'll probably have to get used to them breaking at those stages. I've had my fair share too :/
    I tend to have good success when i'm not even trying to get a Shiny from the chain, even with the rare Pokés, but it's odd how you can chain a hard to find Pokémon easily, and have difficulties with a common one. It's so random at times ._.

    Hmm, I haven't chained for over a month. My latest Shinies were the Drifloon, Cherubi and also a Spiritomb, from SRing(yeah, they came really quick - all within 16 days =O). I will chain again, i'm on the verge of restarting Diamond, but i'm just waiting to see if a friend here wanted any of my leftover Synchers/Radar Shinies or not beforehand.
    Pearl's boxes are still too full to chain anything x_x
    Good going Ceecee, it's nice to see that someone's first Radar Shiny isn't a Shinx for a change xP
    Although I can't talk, my first was a pair of Shinxes ^^;

    Believe me, now that you've done it once, you'll be getting many more from here on :)
    Hmm, I doubt the chaining mechanics are different between the versions, unless you mean in terms of the kinds of Pokémon you can capture ^-^
    But i've had the same sort of luck on both games, although I chain a lot more in Diamond.

    Thanks very much =)

    Shiny Swablu's an awesome Shiny. Here's a couple of pictures I took from my chain -

    A Shiny Swablu appears!
    Swablu uses Sing!

    I could trade one of mine, unless you'd rather catch your own? :]
    Depending on how patient you are, you could try resetting the Radar at a lower chain, such as 25-35 ect.
    It would likely end up taking a long time due to the significantly lower chances, but it's possible to do if you don't want to risk the chain by attempting to make it higher.

    So is there a Poké Radarable Shiny that you want to catch in particular, or are you chaining anything that you stumble upon? :)
    hey i got a turtwig one bout lvl 12 and a new born one i would like a chikorita for it just tell me wich turtwig u would want and set a time
    I forgot to say, thanks for the add :)

    So how have you been Miss Ceecee? x3
    Gotten the hang of chaining yet, or are you spending more time SRing?
    Aw, so close ;__;
    It's far safer to stop going into any non-Shiny bushes when you get to 40, and keep resetting the Radar. It gets really boring resetting lots without increasing the chain, but it's the best way to ensure success.

    Well, I found a Shiny Geodude in my chain. Wanna see?

    A Shiny Geodude appears!

    You got very close, so you can definitely do it again. I didn't get to 40 without several broken chains before(one of which broke at 31 x_x).
    Good luck! :)
    Hey Ceecee, thank you very much! ^_^
    I might have another Shiny soon, my Geodude chain got to 40 :3

    How have you been, found anymore Shinies yourself?
    Thanks! I think i'll need some luck ^_^'
    I might try SRing some more for Rayquaza for a little while, see if my game is nice to me today..

    Anyways, have a nice day, yeah? =D
    I just though i'd wish you luck with your Torchic SRing, i'm sure another Shiny will come for you sooner or later if you persist =D

    *gives you lots of luck*
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