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  • I'm glad someone is taking an interest! The eight chapter is coming along nicely (for now), so don't worry.
    What happens with Nolafus depends on how much you skimmed. The seventh chapter was the chapter he was supposed to die, or at least come very close. He's supposed to wake up in a hospital at the end, or I tried to hint at it. I was worried that the chapter didn't come out alright. If you have to time, do you think you can read the seventh chapter? It's relatively short compared to the others, but if you can't that's fine. I don't mean to pressure you. If you meant what happen next, after the seventh chapter, I'm not going to reveal that. In fact, I'm not sure quite yet. I've been writing the story on how it plays out in my head. Truth be told, Nolafus falling down wasn't supposed to happen. I was stuck with writer's block and that part just came out. The only thing I'm sure of is how the story is going to end, what happens up until that part is up to the characters. They play out the story, I just write it down, if that makes sense.

    I used to rate other people's teams, but that was mostly because I felt that no one here was giving really stellar advice. I thought I was really good at it, until I made some pretty bad mistakes and there's always Platinum Dude over at PC. He can find a way to improve any team. I never really got into this specific forum, but maybe that will change. With college starting on Monday, I doubt that will happen though.
    When you say "enjoyed it so far", does that mean you checked out the first chapter? I ask because even if people read it, they don't tell me so I really don't know if people read it. I don't mean to be nosy, but it would be nice to know. I only posted the first chapter because when I posted the entire fic (or, at least what I had done with it), the only feedback was the first chapter. But, enough about me.

    Do you do anything specific around these parts?
    Yup, that's me! I used to come around here a lot, but now I'm mainly here to get some feedback on my fic. I'll look around and see if I can get into things again. What's your username over on the BBS forum?
    I was staff on sppf first. ;p And I had this avatar ever since becoming mod, which is a little over 5 years ago now! So that's even longer lasting than the Wess dance... And yeah, forum avatars can be annoying to find. Sadly vB's system sucks and apparently cannot be fixed. =/ But everyone having custom = server overload...

    And now I will get to bed. Long day of assignmenting tomorrow, and am just too tired rn to work more on it. :<
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