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  • I live in the USA. Well the actually Rosetta Stone is a stone that people found that hade the key to figuring out the worlds languages, but the Rosetta Stone I want is a computer learning program that teachers you languages.
    Cool, you should join those groups cause I started them and they have like no members.
    Awsome. I wish my old school had started languages when I was little. I wish I was bilingual. Plus if they started us early I would have better understanding and patience with learning new languages. I want my mom to buy my Rosetta stone but she wont.
    Jshperz' spring has a glow around it, I don't see that glow in the flag!
    Just answered your own question :/

    You put the text one the flag. Text is normally not on flags. And I don't remember text on the flag you supposedly did.

    ... besides you voted for yourself which would have disqualified you anyways :/
    Your are al gays, gays that have gay sex hahahahaha
    So saying that in a condesending/patronizing way is not trolling/flaming/etc? Or what did he quote the wrong person.

    I've done some things that seem cruel but I would never mock someone like that. I would never attack someone like that. Especially not for jollies like you did.

    That's the difference between me and you- that's what makes you the flaming troll, and me just someone who causes the status annoyed and miffed.
    Actually how was it spam? I didn't go durhurzdurz like you did, I gave you advice. And I don't see you snapping at anyone else who hadn't yet posted a sprite. Or are you what Intimidated by me and the other spriters? Or just me in general?

    Aw. Sad Troll is Sad

    Edit: And no while I can't do anything to you for being a patronizing and condesending little prick- I am better than you as I don't get my jollies for mocking people the way you do.
    Edit: And also seeing some of the comments- even if a bit old ...

    Just Wow.

    If you made a comment like that around my gay friends, I would punch you in the mouth. I mean such petty, childish mockery was quoted.
    @Yami: I don't see you entering anything, and nobody asked you about your opinion.
    I don't see you using your brain- confusing wording or not on ID's part. And there's no reason to not give crit on an entry that is not valid.

    And mayhaps I'm Just not interested or mayhaps I can't sneeze out a sprite in one day?

    The other contests inspired me- this one has not. So are you going to insult me for that hmm?
    I'd take those sprites away from that post in the international contest and send them to arcani as a PM, before he realises you may have not read the ruels which say you can't post them in the thred as you have done....

    Otherwise, you may be disqualified and that would suck
    You just post it and it goes through the approval process that way, I'll have a quick look now if it hasn't gone up yet.
    Um...Celebired, we won't report for that little "mishap" in the GBLSTA forums, but can you please leave us alone. I mean some of us are actually straight that are in the club, and you kinda wasted our time...and offended some of the club members. If you do make another post we'll report BOTH of them.
    Your are al gays, gays that have gay sex hahahahaha
    Nice!! I would do that to but am afraid I would get banned.
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