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Celestial Moth
Last Activity:
Nov 26, 2018
Jul 4, 2012
Likes Received:
Western Australia
Bug Trainer.

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Celestial Moth

Bug-Type Deity, from Western Australia

Celestial Moth was last seen:
Nov 26, 2018
    1. SlenderMan0
      By tomorrow I'll try all that. Right I think I can sleep,probably because it's not night time. :)
      Goodnight/Goidmorning lol. XD
    2. SlenderMan0
      I shall try to sleep now. I never slept in the morning. And now I won't have nightmares when I close my eyes. Maybe I'm nocturnal? XD
      Oh well wish me goodluck and if my dream is wierd ill tell you. :)
    3. SlenderMan0
      Well my cat is wierd. She would do that but 2/3 of the time,it's because she's chasing a fly lol.
      But sometimes she just attacks at nothing and wall jumps and does ninja moves off the door for no reason. And yes near the closet as well. She can be awkward at times.

      Do you think I'll be fine,I haven't slept in three days and it's 5:26am now.
    4. SlenderMan0
      My cats barely do since they are always outside but one of the three always comes and checks on me and lays down with me for an hour or two.

      And no bananas? ._.
      How about grapes?
    5. SlenderMan0
      Nope not really. But I barely remember my dreams unless it's very bad. :/
      Or very romantic lol. XD

      And my mom doesn't allow my cats in my room at night because she doesn't want them to poop in there but I know they wont. But they rather sleep down in the basement with my second brother. He made it not even look like a basement lol
    6. SlenderMan0
      Thanks for the help though I shall try tommorow and hopefully I do find a crystal somewhere. :)
      And what do you mean screwed,what will happen man?
    7. SlenderMan0
      *forehead I meant lol
    8. SlenderMan0
      Mission successful. :D
      But my forward was read and I splashed water on my face. I feel so much calmer but now there is strange noises. :/
    9. SlenderMan0
      Ok but you said if I do have any. Which I don't. My sisters jewelry was sold and my mom doesn't wear any. I had a diamond but gave it away. What else is there.
      I'll ^Do this tomorrow if there is a replacement.

      1.Get my cat
      2. Take it a bath,80% of getting a good cut
      3.Put blood in cup of water
      4.Put replacement on cut?
      Is that it?
      Brb,attempt to use bathroom
    10. SlenderMan0
      My blanket just totally moved off of me. And this only happens when I'm asleep or my eyes close.
    11. SlenderMan0
      But I have a weak heart,I'm scared of a lot of things. ._.
      And man I really got to use the bathroom! >_<

      How am I supposed to get rid of a demon?!
    12. SlenderMan0
      I'm not too brave about cutting my skin open. My mom might think I'm psycho but she is aware of this problem my room has and me.
      So can you explain more to me what's wrong. I'm not 100% I know what's going on.
    13. SlenderMan0
      7 years old.
    14. SlenderMan0
      Why would I lie to you guys about this,it's a nightmare. So bad that I have to use the bathroom and I have a feeling I shouldn't go at 3:58am.
      And it's been happening since I was around 7. :/

      Thanks for helping but what does putting blood in water and gems in my cut do?
    15. Colt45
    16. SlenderMan0
      Oh no thank you...I'm on a diet. *awkwardly walks away*
    17. SlenderMan0
      You got breast milk? XD
    18. SlenderMan0
      Momas breast milk lol
    19. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      Really? That's fine then
    20. Dew Watatsumi
      Dew Watatsumi
      That's cool. Wanna join the water type club?
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    Western Australia
    Bug Trainer.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Bug Type Trainer

    IGN Lab8 Moth
    FC 4098-6261-1075