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Celestial Moth

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  • hey remember d tym wen u snt me the fst vm yesterdae??
    The same tym.....that is abt 11 hrs frm wen this msg was sent...!!
    Yeah, but EternalSword7 is working on getting everything, and I would feel bad if he had a pokemon ready for me and then I received one from you too. I should be ready to trade by tomorrow, and if there is anything left that he hasnt given to me I wil let you know when we do our trade. Thanks for noticing :)
    Then, you thought kimimaro was dead well, -THINK AGAIN- he attacks torune from behind and *shink* stabbed torune ahh another beetle clone, whoa what a surprise haku is back and he's fighting with shino??????? how many are there then deidara disappears to the sky dive bomb on shino -Naruto, haku, and torune vs deidara Itatchi and kimimaro-
    It's a deidara clay clone "Art Is An EXPLOSION!!!" Boom kunai gone beetles deflected and he's safe from harm as well *lures shino on his explosive clay bird* *pops out of the clay bird and surprise* oh crap a beetle clone XD
    Oh no Itatchi* "Fire Style Fire Style Jutsu" ahh that's gotta hurt burnt beetles X ( but you made more beetles Oh Yeah!!! But look out for his crows :O
    It's just that.......I haven't got to the part in SS when you get the Pal Pad, and it P/Pt, well.......same thing. (I restart.) TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT_TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    Your name is awesome x) And your favorite pokemon is Venomoth, rather than the more expected Volcarona (its okay if you like him a lot, too, tho. i dun really mind :3 but, if you dislike him, just say 'dislike', okay? NOT the h*te word. thnx).

    You seem really cool :)

    Wanna see my pokemon forum?

    And your avatar is SOOOOO beautiful~
    well right now im making a choice about making a combination of Fire - Poison team, Im planning to breed a shiny growlithe though just done 6 boxes so far :p
    Also im gonna breed more poison pokemon to make them better with the Ivs . Im trying to train as many pokemons as posible to avoid someone to predict the weaknesses but the base of my team I think it will be

    Nidoking, Venomoth, Gengar, Arcanine, Weezing, Ninetales, though a charizard, toxicroak, nidoqueen are also a priority
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