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  • Lol why do you look 15?

    Gawd I'm short I'm 14 but I'm short D:

    OTL my friends are 12 and they're taller than me xD (yes I hang out with those little 7th Graders)
    Yeah, Mario is pretty cool. I just like RPG's better, is all. Maybe I should get Super Mario RPG. And Megaman games are easy for you? You sir are a living legend!

    Social life is screwed, always has been. I think too much, that's why I don't talk. I guess. Or I don't know. (LOL teenager indecision)
    I got Megaman 9 for Wii. It was my first time playing a Megaman game.

    I died. 35 times.

    The spikes, man. The spikes. They were like everywhere.

    Besides that, I play Mario sometimes but I never got really into it. If I had the money I would buy lots of games, but I don't. So I can't. I just get to like Pokemon. Other than that, I play Kirby because it's easy, the graphics are cute and the music is awesome.
    I shall be this girl >3<

    Actually, the music teacher is making me do the whole singing thing because "I need to participate more." Just to screw them all, I'm going to sing "Old Man River". (Not really. The old hags at the school would have me expelled :p)

    Platinum is not very different than D/P, or at least to me. You can surf faster, and the trees are different. What do you get for DS? All I get are Pokemon games, 'cause I know they'll be good and not a waste of money.

    And in the U.S. today, Lord knows we don't have any money XD
    Dsi costs $170 in the U.S., actually.
    Did you get Platinum though?

    Oh wow. Somehow I got stuck singing at Church next month. Like actually singing. Up in front of... people. 0__o I don't know what your religion is, but I go to a Catholic school and we have Mass on Fridays. I'm really nervous, cause I can't sing and I hate doing it besides... oh well. I get myself into situations a lot.
    I'm kinda nervous about high school. I guess I'll know some of the people there, but yeah, it's a big thing. Also it's supposed to sap all your free time.

    On another subject... did you get a Dsi? Cause I did, and man, it's cool. I've been playing Platinum on it 24/7, and my eyes are throbbing XD
    I'm good. Also I graduate from 8th grade on June... something.

    I'd be more active on Sppf if I didn't have to get ready for high school, and all that stuff. (Standardized testing 0_0)

    So how 'bout you?
    Hallo :>

    If you have no idea who I am, check your friends list. My social life irl is screwed anyway (Lol), so I got on the internets again. Leave me a message if you wanna chat or anything.

    Also I just noticed we have the same birth year and month.
    OMG ROXAS! ILU <333 haha xDD
    LOL about our art trade >3< - do you wanna make it a collab instead :3? ^ ^ It'd be so kyoot since we already did an art trade at X'Mas x33. You can draw the lineart and I'll print it out and color it :)
    I got a new icon C: I finally found the one you wanted with Namine looking at Roxas on it C: ohhh I like your new one too.


    I found a Tifa costume for me lol. Ummm. . . .they don't have any Aerith ones though :[ but the Tifa one looks the best out of all of them. I think the Yuna one is cool too :] (the FF X one) duuude but the Tifa one is like 100 dollars - I'd rather make my own. Well, Reno is actually based off on Axel so I think that's how you see the connection :) Tifa is so awesome her and Yuffie were my favorite characters in the whole movie. I love Yuffie's shoes - they're Converse my friend Camille wears Converse that looks exactly like that except it's black :)
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