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  • Not really. The 8 inner gates releases the user's chakra directly into their muscles, stimulating their physical abilities. Ryoga Tomoseiyaku could be compared to a pure chakra release, sort of like Naruto's 4-tails state. Unsafe, but incredibly powerful.
    Humans who can keep up with a captain level shinigami, Ginjo might make some sense, since he IS an ex-shinigami.
    Yeah... for the most part, they're not even close.

    Tsukishima is only able to keep up because of his ability. Since he can physically affect the past with it (and yes, it's the past rather than the target's memories, I already debated this with ILP), he also gains the experience from that. He could have been training as long as he wanted.

    Next is that he just keeps changing character personality according to his wishes, plus the past he makes for them is just so generic it isn't funny, he devices awesome abilities and then makes the stupidest techniques with it.
    This I will agree with, especially the first. Yeah, a lot of things he creates are stupid, but sometimes you just have to look a little harder. And yes, a lot of times he changes personalities (Renji is actually the biggest example), but most of the time it's not so drastic so as to be beyond reason.

    Kubo is afraid of letting main characters die, each time they just grow stronger and stronger and stronger and so does a new random enemy that appeared.
    This is my biggest issue with Bleach. Somebody needs to die. Like, badly.
    No, he can control it, it's just a lot riskier since his movements can be disrupted. That doesn't happen during his fight with Ichigo, because Byakuya isn't using his hands to control them at that point.

    Where, right at the end?

    I'm even more tired of everyone IMMEDIATELY jumping on things they think are wrong :/
    Yeah, safe zone my ***;
    If you read this week's chapter at Mangastream, you'll see that that's not the case. He can actually allow his blades inside the safe zone if he chooses. That explains the battle with Ichigo, as well as Senkei. Although, the ending is even stupider :/
    Electricidad de los Dientes Sables (The Electric Cat of Saber-Teeth)

    ^Where's the Gato?

    I said, where is the cat in your ressureccion.

    Inundaciones is just plural of the noun flood, but I r clueless.
    Inundacion=A noun.

    And Electricidad de *etc etc* means Electric of. Gato=Cat. Donde esta el gato en tu ressureccion?

    Des...I don't know about this one's validity. Sounds french. De los?
    sorry about disappearing. i dunno how to use MSN well. o_O and i think my MSN signed itself out???
    but yehh, add me. i am still not sure how to add people, but i know how to accept people :D
    Uhh..you ressureccion is (I believe) Teeth of Electric Saber. May I suggest El gato Electricidad de los Dientes Sables (The Electric Cat of Saber-Teeth), El Gato de Dientes Sables Electricidades (The Cat of Electric Saber Teeth). I've only been in spanish for two years, so I'm not suer about these
    You're making a fanfic? Can I become a character and see myself as an Arrancar, please? :p Or if you prefer a shinigami, yeah, I'd still like to be in.
    Aww, it's a real shame about the shiny Chansey. :C Though I must say, it must've felt thrilling to find such a rare Pokemon in shiny form!

    You seem to put alot of effort into your shiny hunts, and it sucks that you've been unlucky. I really hope something shines for you (and you're able to catch it).
    I'm sorry about your bad luck. I hope it imporves. I give you TONS of credit for hatching 40k eggs... that's unbelievable. I was getting mad when people got Masuda shinies in under 500 eggs, but I shouldn't complain. Feebas took 691 eggs, Chimchar 1064, Turtwig 1273, and Barboach 1025. Good luck, I pray you get a new shiny soon!
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