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  • Well, I have these DWFs;

    Though I'm assuming you have all of those.
    No, I don't have one; I was just wondering if you were willing to trade for anything else.
    Never mind, haha.
    I already have a Hydreigon, but I want one that knows Dark Pulse. I know that Seviper is the way to go to breed an egg with Dark Pulse, but I'm confused as to what is the route to take to breed Dark Pulse into a Seviper.

    If anyone knows how to do that could you please let me know. I have 1x Dark Pulse TM in Plt if that helps. I don't have a Seviper in Gen 4 anymore, and I'm in a rush to get the Hydreigon so I don't want to wait for the Safari Zone.
    You could do so with an Arbok, or just ask nicely. I give them away, if you'd like one.
    Hi there ^^
    I believe ur suppose to give dark pulse to a male seviper or arbok/ekans
    then pokeshift it over
    then breed it with female hydrreigon family
    and wala ^^
    i'll take the pichu but a friends wants to know if you have a gs jirachi and what you would want for that
    darkrai jk realisticly probably a decent shiny or a starter (besides torchic treecko chimchar totodile and squirtle) i could probably trade today or monday
    hey i can give you a female cyndaquil to breed since i saw you dont have one. i also have 3 of the pokemon you need to compleat your dex we can dex trade.
    Good idea about the Pokemon showing fatigue and stuff that really would make it similar to the show.
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