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  • oh, off please! make sure you bring 6 pokes anyway so i dont know the 3 youre gonna be using. it lets us see each others team, you know.
    no. the game wont let us. unless you know of some way i dont. ive battled at least 30 different people and nobody knows of a way to do so.
    okay, thats cool then. the game wont let you do 6v6 set to 50, which i think is LAME. ill need your FC. mine is 2537 3221 1504
    Lol, i did that all the time before my parents got sick of it and made me take lessons. Sadly you can probably tell what happened, lol.
    Scary thing is that's not even the full number, given how many subforums here don't count posts.
    Just post count. Anyone can make it there. Don't mean nothing if all one posts is crap.
    ive beaten whole teams of flawless, rng'd pokes with my not-flawless team. if you got a good strategy going you can beat out a lot of teams with latios, salamence, tyranitar and such. so you dont have to get all crazy with breeding and such, but ive already got like 25 different pokes i rotate in my teams. sometimes i have something pick random numbers for me and use that team with no plans or order and you can still win if you play right. dont get scared!
    yeah, i am thinking of putting mine into a Pledge team. im still pondering, and working on a Trick Room team right now.
    It was taken from an emulator. Since I wasted lots of time on Battle Factory, my play time was 386:06 and my Pokédex was 97. I just switched those two numbers with Paint.
    yeah, thats what i got too. i missed a few episodes apparently, until i saw it there. i like your new avatar there. sceptile is my favorite starter of all time.
    I have three exp. shares on heart gold, traded from other games. I give these to three pokemon I want to train and fill the other three party slots with other high level/lv. 100s. I then spam the HG elite four and champion, giving the three trainees as much action as possible, to maximise their experience. Also, I chose heart gold because 1) the HG/SS elite four give the best experience for time spent beating them and 2) HG has the least pokemon on it, so I must trade potential trainees over to it, giving them each a 1.5x experience boost.
    1) 3 exp. shares on one game.
    2) HG or SS elite four spam - most exp.
    3) three high level party fillers to get rid of pokemon that the trainees can't.
    4) use trainees as frequently as possible.
    5) trade the trainees from a different game for 1.5x boost.
    Fill these five criteria and you should be well on your way to your own army of lv. 100s.
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