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  • Been a minute since ive been here. Im super happy you are definitely being successful every time I hear back from you!

    Im pursuing the paramedic field now! So far so good!

    I hope life is treating you well in this 2020!
    yup its totally like a once a year thing i message u back lmao i hope you managed to get your own place
    i have been on in a year lol! good lord i tell ya. hows life treating you now.
    That sounds tough. Sorry for yer loss. Not much a cat person myself but I get that it's a sad one :(

    So how have times been over the last...6 months - that is a long time...

    So how've times been over the last 6 months???
    Well that's sad. My girlfriend just lost her families dog (though he was 14 so he was going out regardless, and she's a cat person so she doesn't really mind too much).

    How have I been? A lot of things. Mostly awful 'cos I'm just like that mostly, but had a good few days 'cos went to London to meet up with the girlfriend nd stay for the weekend and yeah that was fun :)
    its been a while since ive been on this forum. lol hope all is well specially with the actress future :D
    Just here to say I will reply to your pm as soon as I find enough time. In the meantime, take this virtual *hug* for support. :)
    Ah things could be better, military stuff has been taking its toll! lol but everything seems to be atleast positive. what do u plan to do now that ur outta shool.
    Haha, I'm so glad you still check the site every now and again. It was the first time in several months for me and I'd noticed you'd been online only 10 minutes or so before I'd logged on, so I figured I would say hi :D. I'll send you a pm with my ORAS FC and all the other stuff I want to say, not a big fan of super-long visitor messages. Keep an eye on your inbox and take care!
    So apparantly you do come online every once in a blue moon, I knew it! I was logging in to check some spriting stuff and then I felt nostalgic and re-read like the last 10 pages of "da club" :p. Hope you're well!
    well i have found something, but it overwhelmed me to the point of an anxiety attack, so i was put back into training for it, hoping that would help me out. but im lso going to the doctor to get more medication to help me too. i need my meds to function. not feeling anything would be preferable to being an emotional trainwreck. if a way ever comes out to turn off the parts of the brain that control emotions, i would do it.
    Stil no job. T_T good for you almost having your masters degree. Ya depression sux hard. I would recommend you take the medication anyway. If it zaps your emotions away, making you a machine, basically, that's still better than struggling through fearing an emotional meltdown. Then again, I'm just a psycho who'd rather be a machine than a person.
    It's okay, I understand. I don't understand why people need to go out except for things like going to work. So were both recluses then, awesome. :). Still no new job yet, though to be fair I haven't looked too hard. :( I understand depression all too well, I've been dealing with it on and off since 2001.
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