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Cerulean Girl
Last Activity:
Jan 26, 2019
Jun 11, 2004
Likes Received:
Jul 27, 1990 (Age: 29)
Home Page:
Cerulean City, Kanto
Aspiring actress

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Cerulean Girl

Cerulean Trainer, 29, from Cerulean City, Kanto

Cerulean Girl was last seen:
Jan 26, 2019
    1. mewmew202
      yeah well I am officially losing my sanity. I am talking to 5 people on IM, trying to post here and facebook, wanting to grab a snack and knowing steping away from the computer is death and I will never keep up after, and all that.

      Thats good you get to say no if you can't go in too bad the hours aren't more regular though. At least you are getting more.

      And sounds like that guy is really nice. I am not going to start teasing you... yet lmao. However I bet i will in the future. Because thats what online friends are for. But glad you are working with nice people and having a good time.
    2. mewmew202
      ok cool. and yeah I was confused at first. Wow you need to pay attention to your job XD.

      Too bad about taking out the trash. Oh well I suppose you will get used to it over time and glad your job is still interesting. Also, sorry for the late reply I kept forgetting.
    3. Keri3
      Hi,you seem like a cool person,do you mind if I send you a friend request?
    4. mewmew202
      its actually really good if you ever tried it.

      And don't you mean Darkrai? Could have sworn deoxys was at gamestop XD.

      and yeah my friends have too many B-days. Why couldn't they be born on the same day to make my life easier?

      I bet it will be boring after awhile but you will have ways to make it more fun.
    5. mewmew202
      haha yeah it was fun. And japanese soda is um... soda made in Japan XD. It comes in a weird bottle where it is sealed with a marble and you need to push it in to open the soda.

      At least you found your stuff. That would have stunk if u hadn't. And woot! Go free food.

      And don't worry about forgetting my B-day I totally understand if you do. Heck its hard enough to remember my RL friends birthdays.

      Glad your first day of work was fun. I bet this was probably an awesome job for you and I bet you can remember all the stuff.
    6. mewmew202
      We went to a Japanese restaurant and then we roasted marshmellows in my backyard. I had everyone sleep over. Unfortunatly my best friend had to leave early cause she got sick. She went to a party before mine and dinner was served first. Her having 5 Japanese Sodas was a bad idea.

      Haha how went the relay for life? We had it at my school earlier in the month but I had mini band camp that day. So I figured i didn't want to stay up late or get up earlier than I had to.

      Well since I might not have time to post in the club it is the 30th of June.
    7. mewmew202
      haha wow thats pretty good. Cause some places its like 4 or 5 dollars. But yeah the thank you card probably helped. I know it probably left a good impression. And lol about hiding the vitamins.

      Well I have my B-day party today and its gonna be so much fun. It twill be absoloutly unbelieavable. Or a total disaster. Hopefully the first one.
    8. mewmew202
      haha yea I don't wanna die cause my sis is taller than me *Hides the milk*

      Things have been a bit crazy which is why I often forget about messages. But yeah it seems like most people haven't been as active.

      Where I live minimum wage isn't as bad. It's like 7 something an hour. I bet where you are it might be a bit different though. But congrats on the job. I thought you would get it.
    9. mewmew202
      haha that definitly makes things easier. Yeah if my sis was taller than me... X.x Lol

      Sorry I took so long to get back to you things have been a bit crazy and then I forgot I never replied to you since the notification thingy was gone. This isn't gonna be as long as my usual message cause I am a bit tired thanks to exams and going over a friends house. I am quite tired XD. Well ttyl and sorry for like not getting back to you sooner.
    10. NES
      What you been up to?, miss your wall text.
    11. mewmew202
      haha yeah my sis is 5 years younger than me too but it doesn't help me all that much unfortunatly. Oh well I will get over it.

      Haha yeah the lovey dovey couples that have to make out every 2 steps definitly bug me a bit. Even if I have a bf I don't want to be like that lol.

      well looks like your gonna get a job soon XD. Too bad that will limit your online time but I heard on the news with the nations situation teens getting jobs is rare.
    12. mewmew202
      lol yeah you devious person you. Don't worry I wouldn't be able to do the whole finger thing though. My sis would kill me.

      Oh well too bad you don't like the same rides. But yeah its still better to hang out with your friends then do nothing at all.

      Sorry I don't have time to reply to everything right now I need to check up the clubs I am in and such.
    13. NES
      I'm back Ceruly, packed with photos and stories xD i'll tell you more about it later and show you some stuff!.

      Will see you around.
    14. mewmew202
      thats great that you could go with your friends. That always makes things better. Well almost always anyways. Too bad you could only stay for a bit but just a little while is better then not at all.

      With your sister I totally understand. They are exceptions to every single rule. Heck I would LOVE to superglue my sisters hand one of these days.

      until this year my hair was the ugliest thing on the face of the planet. Then I got highlights and started straightning it and it looks a LOT better. Before this year it was aweful but now its normal.

      Wow... tons of job apps O.o I would not be able to handle so many interviews. And lucky for your friend she's older, not so much for you.
    15. mewmew202
      ok yeah I guess E is probably the way it works. But I am pretty sure they have F's. I will need to rewatch negima because I am sure Asuna recieved one XD.

      ok yeah I suppose waiting would be good. But I really want to buy colloseum and XD when I get the chance. They sound really cool.

      Yeah I know it takes awhile for things to sink in. I know thats how I felt when I left middle school.

      Thats too bad all your friends are busy but hanging out with your sister MIGHT be fun. Or a disaster. More likely a disaster since sisters are sisters.

      my hair looks amazing. I got it thinned and it probably took off about 3 pounds of my bodyweight lol. and i got my highlights touched up as well as putting more of my natural color in since the old highlights covered it up until it was almost gone.
    16. mewmew202
      haha yeah go major expenses XD.

      Well I suppose i would like DDR better if I didn't hate most Hip-hop music. And rap. Oh well I will get over it since its a fun game. And I can play on the hardest level. I am so good I got an E. For explicit XD. Notice they don't give out F's. Maybe it lowers self esteem?

      Ok about the card, I am not sure about the maximum size but I know if you have a memory card for a digital camera those will work for all Wii games. I was dissapointed I had to buy a seperate one for the 2 gamecube games I have. (animal crossing takes up a rediculous amount of memory) And even though its just battling the graphics are compleatly amazing. I just wish it had a story to it... but the Wi-Fi battling is awesome. And unless its MD2 there isn't much of a story. I was amazed when I found I was just wondering what happened next as I was playing the game. XD.

      Well I can only imagine how stressful graduation can be.

      ok well anyways I can only imagine how hectic graduation is and how people aren't sure what they need to attend and all that. I know I would be majorly confused. But its good that you were at it and could be there for her. I'm sure she will love the gifts you give her. Or it could be like this card I made for my friend. "I bet you thought I got you a stupid card for your birthday. Well your absoloutly right now pretend you love it." That was hillarious and she didn't even have to pretend XD.
    17. mewmew202
      ohmygod I know. I must have cost a fortune on food alone. But thats totally awesome you got the wii. Yeah... on Guitar hero the only song I like is 99 red balloons and its too hard for me T.T. I am really bad. But guitar hero is a ton of fun too and PBR is so addicting its not even funny. Only problem is when I am in the middle of games I always get kicked off so I kind of gave up on it lately lol.
    18. Water Spirit
      Water Spirit
      Gotcha! XD Why haven't you got a bf yet? Someone as amazing as you should have one! I bet he turns up soon anyway, if he doesn't I'll hunt him down for you and point him in the right direction! :D I don't think they second season has started yet so maybe they're going to show it over the summer. I hear the BBC version of Robin Hood has made its way to the USA? AWESOME btw! It's so cute! <3333

      I hope you have a great summer, too, and I hope that your mum/mom is doing OK! Hope it was nothing serious! Oh, I'm so happy for you on your finals! I knew you'd do great! :D Take care and keep in touch!

    19. NES
      Mm no i don't believe on the bible or any religion that much.

      The only episodes i remember whit nostalgia are the very first ones, when i thought pokemon was awesome, now is more like a fad xD.

      Hehe girl's camp, never went to only girls school?, my ex went to only girls school until she was 18.

      Yeah i just don't get what prom is for or what's about. Tell me.

      Mayans didn't said about the end of the world, they just said there was the ending of a cicle, their calendar (very accurate, more than the one we have) goes until 2012 but not like it's the ending, just is as far as they made it. The earth will be destroyed when the Sun finish it's life, which will happen but in millions of years so we won't see that...

      Girls and their purses xD.

      I'm sorry i had to be so absent on MSN, hope to see you soon.
    20. mewmew202
      haha yeah I know. We did a project on raising a baby as a teen and it was aweful. We needed to find the cost of everything for a year and you need to pay for it yourself. Not to mention the job you have is probably minimum wage. (Though depending on where you live that might not be terrible.)

      And don't worry about him I should be able to take care of him... one way or another *evil laugh* Don't worry I wouldn't really XD no matter how tempting it may be.
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    Jul 27, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    Cerulean City, Kanto
    Aspiring actress
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Finally obtained my M.A. in English! ^_^ Now I'm trying to pursue an acting career, which has been my lifelong dream!

    Video Games, Pokemon, Acting, Writing, Music


    Fanfic Buddies with the awesome, sweet, and cool Water Spirit! Also, thanks for making my CG acronym!

    Well, now that some power hungry admin closed The Boys and Girls Club that was up for 6+ years, I won't be coming here anymore. Send me a msg if you wanna talk, but don't expect a response for a LONG time.

    Owner of: The Boys and Girls Club (Click on the banner!)


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