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  • Well, yeah i'm fluent, in fact a native speaker haha. So one of your parents was Hispanic?, from where?.
    I almost always forget to print things or its that time where my parents would yell at me for not printing it before. So I almost always get to print it in class that day. I don't normally get marked late unless its like significantly late. More often then not its just like a few seconds late and even then only if I needed to go to my locker. However, I was really late the first week of HS when I lost my schedule and had no idea what class I had to go to. That was aweful but luckily my teacher already liked me so yeah ^^ I didn't get in too much trouble. Plus I was like in tears so I got a lot of sympathy from the office.
    yeah I am normally teachers pet. I can get away with saying I forgot a hw assignment or was late to class I would be able to get away with it. Heck they didn't even really mind my disorganization. And thats awesome you got all those scantrons. Oh the benefits of doing favors to teachers.
    Well i'm working a lot since i have no school, at least not for this year.

    But i've been learning some languages in the free time.
    Yeah thats how it works sometimes. But I always say once a teacher doesn't like you you won't be able to do as well as if you are a favorite student. Its unfair but we all know they play favorites. But at least you got a B in the class. Its like that in my math class sort of. My friends like to torture me but the teacher likes both of them so she doesn't really do anything to stop them. Oh well at least I am doing decent in the class and its level 4 so if I get a B its like getting an A.
    haha yeah I know. It is so difficult to try to get your work done when there are so many distractions. Heck the best grade I got on a science lab was when I forgot about it the night before and got a pass from my 1st period teacher to work on it during my lunch. I ended up getting an A and normally I do very poorly on labs.
    oh pretty good. And yeah hw kills. And my teachers are aweful about it. I will have a day or 2 with none and then one week I will have like 4 projects due along with a bunch of other assignments.
    hey, how is life? I haven't posted here yet have I? Well I definitly like this part of the new feature. Definitly helps everyone stay in touch.
    ZOMG CG! idk if you remember me, but I was a regular at the B&G club before. Well yeah, my life got boring so couldn't post much there anymore. ): Hope I could see you in other threads. ;D
    Yeah, I think it's a great way for everyone to keep in touch,e specially when we all haven't talked in so long. xD Aww, good luck with your finals! Hope you do great on them! :3 I have mine in the middle of May. xDDD
    Yeah, really. xDDD SPPf decided to change it up and upgrade so I guess so, yeah. xD I'm going along okay. Been busy but I make time whenever I can. xD
    CG! It's been a long time since we last talked! How are you? Hope you're well! I'm friending you, btw. xD
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