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  • yes, i'll be just fine by myself. to me, a bachelors degree is enough of an accomplishment, but to each their own. summer is always too short. nothing exciting happens to me really cause i dont go out. i stay in my room in solitary confinement when i dont need to go out to work or eat. that's also why i havent been able to find a job yet; im so used to hiding, that the idea of putting myself out there scares me. that alone will make it a struggle, but the fact i also dont have any extra activities (like joining a club in college or volunteer work) means my resume will be bare bones, which might turn off a lot of potential employers.
    the thing is im not super greedy. with a bachelors degree, i could get a job that pays only $50000 a year and be fine. sure with a masters i could get one that pays a lot more, but i dont really need that. i dont have a family to support (and i dont plan on ever starting a family), nor will i hve anyone else to be responsible for except for myself. though my hobby of buying video games, and starting a collection of movies and anime will surely drain my wallet, but again, i dont need a six figure income, because then id be too tempted to by flashy things that would make me stand out when i want to blend into the background. your welcome. :) and yes, i have been enjoying my summer so far. :p
    that's ok. thank you so much! No master's for me, Ive had enough. Congrats on your first year as a grad student! I couldnt handle something like that.
    well im kind of used to having to wqit for you to reply, so dont feel too bad.

    anyway, i graduate with a bachelors degree in accounting this week. :-D
    i had a scholarship for west point, but i was deployed before i could use it D:
    Aside from cost accounting II, I am doing good. Maybe you got senioritis or something? I know I'm fighting it these last couple semesters.
    oh indeed, happy late 4th of july. lol goes to show how much im on this site anymore :p so how has your schooling been, if i recall something about graduation soon.
    the way things are now, i have this semester, then one more, and then, im done. :D im scared about some of my classes. im taking ethics this semester, and im worried thats gonna be hard.
    i start school in a couple weeks, so im glad for that. though school is hard work, its still better than working fast food forever.
    Hey CG, I am in fact online occasionally! I'm pretty much fine (although a dear family member passed away recently, but I'm fine!) and I'm enjoyig my summer. How are you? I hope your life has been going easier on you than it has before, but I'm sure you'll find your way :).
    ya but still, its fast food; the work noone wants to do. fireworks are not dangerous; i think everyone over 18 knows theyre not toys.
    Well I'm stuck in a dead end job since 2006 with no end in sight. :(

    I'm kinda enjoying summer. And yes I am in us, but I live in a state that doesn't allow good fireworks, so the 4th is meaningless to me!
    omg i know right, we all get along. my summers been rocking alright....yesterday we had a terrible lightning storm and one hit our Barn and it lit it up. Fire department was there xD took em 20 mins though haha but we didnt lose anything of value YET. now i gotta work tonight D: nooooo!
    haha thats awesome, i also live on my own but i always have friends hanging out xD so i always have a family xD
    oh for me its been having its ups and downs. Work is killing me because its at night shifts haha i Got promoted in Military :D and i destroyed my car by hitting a deer. but other than that ive been partying and killing time :D
    u seem as active as i am :p post off and on and come on for only a few minutes xD hows college for ya?
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