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  • The past seems like such a dream here. When I come on SPPf I don't feel the excitement I did as a 13 year old, who was able to talk to other people liking Pokemon for the first time since he'd moved to a new state, and I don't feel the joy of responsibility I had with FB or the Misty/Melody/Boys and Girls Club or any other things we did. I feel a sense of nostalgia, a recognition that this place contributed greatly to my experience but did not affect who I am. It is very weird that we have both gone so far and yet still check this board every once in a while. Sorry to ramble, just thinking about the whole 7.5 years thing.

    I hope your dad finds a job soon, if he doesn't have one now. Unemployment is rough. How are you enjoying being a graduated person? Where are you looking at for grad school?
    We've had accounts here for 7 years. It's crazy.
    You probably won't see this for a while, but I hope your life is going wonderfully =)
    Haha actually i was loging in just to wish you a happy birthday! I'm glad we still do =D!
    Hello there, dear :).

    First of all, I'm sorry for the late reply and my overall inactiveness. I guess growing up really does take its toll somehow.

    I'm sorry to hear the club is down, but perhaps it was for the best. Now we can just look back to the good times and stuff, and there are lots of those :).

    I do hope you won't forget about me somehow, but I'm realistic and I know everyone will go their own way now. Just know that you're a really special, cool girl and I've always had tons of respect for you.

    Just sayin' :).
    omg i remember i joined this club 3 yearsd ago and never came back o.o its alright that you are leaving this but you dont have to grow up :/ i never will :DDDD lol
    Im terribly Torn by the decision of the mod taking the club away, that was one of the reasons i came back to serebii. Ive been inactive after ive been deployed from my last post up until last month. you managed to keep the spirit up on this forum. I feel a great depression come over me to hear u wont be on anymore. Personally im slowly growing out of this forum. Everything ive had closed as well. I do wish to talk to u again, facebook? twitter? hell which ever works :] talk to you soon if possible.
    aww too bad your gone :( will miss you :ö I'm sorry for the club too :( was sort of fun :p also as a bonus sweet may decided to give me a 3 points infraction for posting 1 day after another claiming it was a month but if he/she can read it say 1 day :p I have posted pm his/her page but he/she just ignores me, got to love people who can't admit mistakes..

    anyway have fun in life and stuff :)
    Well, now that my precious club has been closed that I had for 6 FREAKING YEARS!!! for some stupid reason that I don't even understand, I'm not going to be here anymore. I'll come here every now and then, but don't expect an answer right away if you're looking for me. The club was the only thing that kept me coming to serebii. Thanks for the memories, time for me to grow up.

    ~Cerulean Girl
    Oooh la la ;) I hope it all goes well with him! That's very understandable with university. April 2011, wow! English.. no one would have ever guessed that lol. If you don't mind me inquiring, what schools are you looking at in Ohio? Ohio State is excellent for most post-undergraduate endeavors and is cheap to boot. That is where I think I will probably end up for my grad work. Honestly, from the way you've described it, it sounds like life is tough, not necessarily bad. You have plans for the future, are taking the steps to get there, and have help while you get there. Stagnation is a far worse existence than having a rough patch. =)
    That's unfortunate that it wasn't going well before, but is excellent that it is going well now. Hahaha, friends are good. =) May I inquire into why you moved to Utah? I remember you being in a different state before. College there mayhaps? I'm currently going to university for a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and History. After that I'm going to go to grad school and get my PhD in Mediterranean History so I can teach at the collegiate level. Plus, band lol.
    Happy New Years! Sorry about the Misty Club closing, but you know what Misty will always remain awesome, and another one can be made! Misty for life!!!!!!!! Thanks for always being positive! :)
    ...Was it really a few months ago, oh God. Time flies by at extreme speeds.

    And I think the Gay/Lesbian alliance has been around for a bit...

    And besides School Consuming my life, and I am getting tired more often, nothing. XD;
    Um, no, but considering how I learned to use it out of the berry few members, I guess it is. ^-^;

    And no, I was reading the boys and girls club and I just saw when it was made.

    We never talked before, XD. That was the opening.
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