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  • No. I need some help with the Serebii Wi-Fi chat problem. And I don't hate him anymore he apologize. Except for the other guy who didn't.
    Oh wow! Thanks! I wasn't even advertising. haha

    But I'm glad you like it! I wish I could have kept episode 1 up, but I'm not able to upgrade our subscription just yet. So I had to delete episode 1 and 2. And maybe 3, can't remember. @__@
    Haha, definitely, definitely. It definitely works. Although, (and you don't have to listen, I run a podcast that analyzes Pokemon so I do this) Return could work pretty nicely on Cinccino instead of Tail Slap. But again, it definitely works.

    Mine's got the same set as yours, except with Wake Up Slap. @_@
    Why thank you! ^_^

    I'm always afraid I'm a little too mean on the forums, so I always try to put a smiley face somewhere to show. Niceness. hahha.

    Anyways, you seem pretty cool yourself. ^_^
    Hahaha, I had the same problem. I only finished level grinding and getting my items yesterday. @__@
    Oh, ok. You should hurry up though; deadline's in a day, and you'll want to try your team out a bit. @__@ Good luck!
    Hey, if you'd like, we could do some practice battles for the Autumn Friendly. I'm not really that great at it either ,although I try. It could be some pretty decent practice for both of us. ^___^
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