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  • I've faced that kinda card today when people told me that apparently Ash appearing in doodle sketch in a leaked concept art of the Alola starters is enough for them to qualify it as anime concept art despite the fact that said-concept art do not resemble any anime concept arts that I know of and instead bears more resemblance to the game concept art of Gen VI. They even said that "Ash is an anime character and won't ever be in the games."

    I simply want more substantial evidence as to why I should believe that this anime concept other than it has Ash in it. Because that is the weakest argument I've ever heard for this side (and sadly, most people assume it's for the anime because of that one doodle).
    Indeed. In other news, that latest episode was damn awesome and one of the best I've seen. Makes the League finals look like child's play. I'm not entirely sure what Lysandre said to Alain about his Mega Ring, but I do know that Alain realizes all of this is his fault. At the very least, my investment on the guilt theory is holding up. Not sure about the rigged theory, but I didn't invest in that one. Need translations now.
    I do admit I find enjoyment going into debates with them. It's just today, I am baffled by how hostile the talks got and how they start putting words in my mouth about people "being desperate to have Ash win."
    I also believe it is just an excuse, he probably just wants to increase his post count or something. But it has been 5 years; he hasn't changed since 2011 and he won't change now.
    I saw some of your arguments with Alexander18 and I feel like I should let you know, it's best not to expect him to change. He doesn't know how to discuss opinions or debate. He just kind of comes here and posts. It's been that way for years.

    He does sometimes say it's because he has autism and is bad at communicating, but from what I've seen on this forum, it's best not to respond to him and expect it to go well.
    Most of my VMs come out of nowhere, haha. I always seem to approach a lot of people on here who don't know me. That's kinda why I know so many people from a lot of different sections of the Forums of Serebii. Haha. So that explains it.
    nevermind! I love the points you made and thanks for making them! Some people are way tooo intense here for no reason smh.
    Oh, the victim card, yup, I heard that before. It really sounds like an excuse of someone saying that "I forgot this because of that." Or someone questioning you and then someone makes up an excuse so they can get away from trouble.
    Yeah, definitely. I understand. It really seems to me that some are trying to say that something is an opinion, but sometimes they somehow write it the wrong way. Do you know what I mean by that? I think this is mostly because of the way they worded their posts. I am always careful on what I post so no one would take it the wrong way. If someone reads it the wrong way, then some unexpected heated debate happens, which could become pointless. There are users here that become cavalier from these, and that is where tension really rises.
    Are you talking about the ones who are claiming that Alain won fair and square and stating them as facts, but really just going around in circles? I understand. I don't deal with those two because of their bad vibes. I just move on from them. I will tell you that the "cheating" is really not out of question. When we get to the TF arc, we will find out if there was some improper benefits that happen during the Kalos League finals. I am actually looking forward to the TF arc. Hopefully, we will get some more evidence.
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