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  • Oh wait. Oops, I remember. That's my B2 FC. I removed my 3DS one because too many people were asking me for it, and I didn't want to add so many people I don't know. Try this: 0447-5370-2025
    Hm, I'll check yours once I catch another Eevee for Espeon/Umbreon and tell you what you have.
    Sure, no problem. It's in my sig, and my friend safari has Combee, Illumise and Venomoth, I think.
    Oh yeah... I need a couple of updates... Palkia at 10,697 SRs, and a random female Bidoof (will evolve) at chain 0 (so a random encounter). Thanks!
    Hm, that's a good idea, though I'm not going to worry much. They were just a few quick chains, so I'm fine with not evolving them. It also gives me a reason to be okay with hunting on a route with those two still, in hopes of getting a better nature.
    Alright. As for names, I've never had issues with names of shinies I've sent over from 4th Gen before. But for some reason, Ekans and Hoppip's name didn't want to change after evolving, even though it happened before. So I reset and won't be evolving them. It doesn't matter, though, since the natures and abilities were awful for both, and I prefer shiny Hoppip over shiny Jumpluff.
    I got the event yeah, though since I already have one via SR, not sure if you need to include it. Change of plan, though. There was a naming issue, so I won't be evolving Ekans or Hoppip at all anymore. So add Ekans and Hoppip instead of Arbok and Jumpluff.
    Sorry, another one. Chaining, and this time it will be Jumpluff. So Jumpluff and Arbok for chaining, and then the Palkia for event.
    Oh hey, last minute addition. Just chained myself a shiny Ekans, so Arbok can be added there too.
    No problem. I can wait as long as you need me to. I'm in the middle of writing an annoying essay right now, so I'm in no hurry at all.
    Oh, right, I guess Dialga can also be added under events since I have that now too.
    Oh yeah, don't know if you've been updating the shiny cards lately, but if so, have you added Solrock? Meanwhile, if you haven't seen yet, I got my Groudon at 4404 SR's! How have your hunts been, meanwhile?
    I think I'll see what my swarm is soon and maybe try a hunt. I've been busy though, so it might not be possible today...
    I think as soon as I get settled in at college, I'll try chaining something. That sounds like fun right now.
    Exactly. I've tried going in places with the hope of reclaiming, but if I get another shiny, I'm happy with that and I'll move on. I've reclaimed my lost Wooper from the Safari Zone, but that was by MM and it didn't feel like a reclaim as much.
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