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  • Ah, I see. Yeah, that's how I felt about the Frontier shinies. It sucked, but I didn't bother to look for it at the time.
    I want Corsola to reclaim one of the many lost Frontier shinies I've seen. Mawile is an amazing shiny, though.
    Yeah, I probably will, but I messed up Corsola last time and the swarm stopped appearing. I'll see, since it's a little late for me to start a chain now, with me being busy tomorrow too.
    Wow, so you'd have had a ton after that, if it didn't break. Yeah, chaining seems tempting, but I doubt I have time right now.
    I'm at 3700 with Groudon, with only 100 in Clay Tunnel. I'd have more, but I'm getting packed up because I'm moving in for college tomorrow. 10 Eevees, though? That's fantastic! Now I want to try chaining something myself...
    I don't want to have an uncompleted hunt before X/Y, so I'm hoping for the best with Groudon.
    Yeah, I hope to finish at least Groudon before X/Y as well. I'm still kind of early with that though.
    That sounds like an idea, in case I want to hunt in some of the places I've already been in. I'm running out of places in B2 without repels. :p
    Oh, lol, isn't that a coincidence? I haven't actually used the repel trick since my Roselia hunt for my Platinum BQ.
    Aside from Groudon, I'm also hunting in Clay Tunnel hoping for Lairon or Boldore. Don't want an Onix since I already have Steelix, but that's only 5% encounter so I'm willing to risk it.
    Got it. And good luck with Eevee! I've tried chaining a few times recently, and I've had similar problems. I guess the Poke Radar just doesn't like to cooperate sometimes. :/
    Well, I changed it to be a link to the card, and that seems to do just fine for now. Also, I got a Solrock at Giant Chasm, in case you haven't seen it.
    So...problem. I just got my sig checked for the first time, and apparently, the shiny card alone is "200 pixels wider than the width limit and makes it nearly 250 pixels." Not sure if there's a way around that, I figured it's best to let you know as soon as possible.
    OK... list of updates... You say there's no numbers for this shiny card layout (I'll still include them anyway)? So it's...

    Uxie 6,028 SRs
    Mesprit 4,693 SRs
    Azelf 11,275 SRs
    Heatran 21,494 SRs
    Regigigas 6,170 SRs
    Cresselia 1,814 SRs

    I'd like the colours to be the same as the last shiny card, if possible, and my background is http://biffbampop.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/doc61.jpg

    Welcome back!
    Thanks! Yeah, really funny how we both got our shinies so close to each other. May not have been my #1 choice, but #2 is plenty great. What's your next hunt?
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