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  • Are you serious? Congrats on that Whirlipede! I just got a shiny Vulpix just now too! Definitely evolving it.

    Also, just noticed that the boxes for the last two shinies you added have the wrong colors.
    Hey cha chi, good to see you back. I saw gustavos new card and i do like it, so could you make me a new one too? I have two new ones with cyndaquil sr and reuniclus mm. I would like my background changed to yellow if possible. Thanks
    Whirlipede is nice. I do like how Double Grass prevents shaking patches from appearing. I feel the same about Abundant Shrine. I want Bronzong, so I have Magnet Pull. Anything here is great, though.
    Ah, yeah, I kind of feel that way. It's partly why I'm hunting in Abundant Shrine, since I haven't hunted in Double Grass before.
    Good luck, then! You don't need to hunt anymore Hoenn legendaries, though, do you? Or is this for general hunting in Emerald?
    I'm not sure about my shiny frame in Emerald, but since I've managed to find a Sunkern in Emerald, I can figure that out. Probably should use the data to figure it out before trying to hunt for the Hoenn trio.
    It's my best bet for getting Kyogre, since I could SR for Groudon still in SS but not Kyogre. I found this video explaining it, and now that I think of it, dan hunted for Electrode this way in Johto. Still not sure on anyone doing this in Emerald.
    Well, I've struggled to find many videos on successful hunts, but apparently, running away from a legendary in Emerald is usable to hunt despite the broken RNG. I've tested that much, and if you run and leave the room, then come back in, the legendary returns to the room to fight again. This should make it closer to RE'ing, which should work, but I've not seen a video with someone succeeding at this.
    I'll be sure to try and let them know. As for an image, this looks nice. If it doesn't look right, try this.
    Oh, that's a great idea. Do you need an image of a specific size? I'll have to get looking for one.
    Hm...that's okay. I do like the new design. Besides, the actual count is more meaningful while actually hunting anyway, and with that design, the number would only clash with it. Are you keeping the background as that color for all of them?
    You're alive! Glad to see you've been able to handle computer troubles for now. That's too bad about the cards, but anything that works is great. I personally like the circles, but squares might also work well. You're the one making them, so whatever you say goes.

    Also, may as well add my new shinies since you've been gone: Mewtwo (7130 SR's), Golurk (1641 RE's), Graveler (16484 RE's and evolved), Taillow (329 eggs and evolved).
    Hey everybody, sorry about being gone and getting behind but i did have some trouble with my computer, then internet, and now for the sad news
    while trying to figure out what was making my computer freeze and what not. Well all my files got corrupted in the process and so all the cards are gone im gonna change up the cards maybe a little simpler. Im currently working on the design not sure if im gonna keep the circles, or go to something else.

    Any ideas let me know.
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