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  • Why did you care when Misty left and claim you "fandom waned" when May replaced her? You sound hypocritical even though you say you used to like Misty, even though May quickly became more popular.
    Since the thread was locked

    Anyway, the reasons people hate Iris are:

    1. She challenged Ash and didn't take his crap

    But so did all the girls, Misty, May and Dawn bickered/argued with Ash too.

    2. She beat him in actual battles

    She beat him once, then Ash beat her Dragonite, her strongest.

    3. She won actual Pokemon tournaments instead of doing some side activity

    Don battle tournaments are a side activity, Trip won one, does anyone care?

    4. She was sarcastic and witty while also being tough when the situation called for it

    Sure, but the past 3 girls did the same.

    5. She had uber strong Pokémon and wasn't relegated to the cutsey ones

    Dude, she had two cute small pokemon Axew/Emolga, Excadrill and then the Dragonite were her only others. No difference then Dawn's Mamoswine.

    6. She was independent and didn't need a guy to save her

    Most of the other girls didn't either.
    I'm curious about your thoughts on the election results, and state of the country going forward.
    Misty anytime she was nice and non violent.
    Lol nice post. Though she seemed in character when she fangirled over water types.
    Haha, once again I couldn't agree more. Then again, I even think half the MAY fans are blinded by her design, cause for some reason so many guys have crushes on May, or at least her "big boobs!"
    "Anyway, most overrated imo was AG. May was the daughter of a gym leader yet she had no clue about pokemon, which is absurd. She was a total milquetoast before she decided to become a coordinator. Team Rocket was as dry as they were in Johto. Ash had no rival and just seemed to exist. Misty's cameo was dull and forgettable. The contests were weak and became unwatchable after Sinnoh. May's rivals were subpar. Team Magma and Aqua were too goofy to be taken seriously. Battle Frontier was unnecessary."


    I was starting to think I was the only person on these whole forums who thought this. Nice to know I am not alone!
    Yes, she does! Every other person hates her mostly for things that apply to other characters.
    I agree with you on Lilia (Iris)! No one could counter your points so they had to call you a fanboy.
    Greetings,new Pearlshipper.I'm the co-owner of Pearlshipping Thread.
    I'm here just to advise you to be more respectful towards other characters.
    While Pearlshipping Thread involves Satoshi x Hikari,that doesn't mean you can offend other characters sice everyone can see your post,and some might get offended by it.
    Thank you for the attention given,and feel welcomed on the thread ^^
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