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  • Yeah. It's nice they've been announced, but it's pretty sad we have yet to see the covers. :( (and that it may still be a while before we do) Especially since I want to see them both so badly...

    Yep!~ It is pretty awesome, haha. :) I hope not either, but they most likely will unless they slow the release down at some point. D: You see, next year we'll get to volume 22 and volume 37 if the release pattern stays the same. So sadly people will get confused. :( (since they won't know who Sird is, and they won't know who Emerald is) The releases are pretty close though, so they'll at least find out who Sird is at the beginning of the next year (because volume 23 will come out) which is good. The problem is there still are going to be confused about a few other things though: they still won't know who Emerald is, and they won't understand volume 38 at all when Sird explains everything that happened in FR/LG and Emerald. (major spoilers anyone?) They'll understand a bit better by the end of the year though, because volumes 23-28 will come out, but they'll still be majorly spoiled and confused 'til then. (and they still won't understand the end of Emerald thing, since volume 29 won't come out 'til the year after that) So our only hope is either for the DP release to slow down or the side catching up to speed up. :3 Although all this trouble and confusion still makes me wish Viz would have just speed up the catching up releases instead of trying to do two arcs at once. That way we'd still get just as many volumes but they wouldn't be out of order and there wouldn't be any confusion. :D Ah well, it's too late now I'm afraid.

    Yep. I hope that helped. :3 And I hope some more covers pop up soon as well. :3 I'm also hoping they'll announce release dates for volumes 15, 16, 32 and 33 soon as well. I'm sure they'll come out but it'd be nice to have confirmation. :D
    I sure do. Viz has announced Pokemon Adventures: DPPt Volume 2 (Volume 31) for release on June 7, 2011, and has also announced Pokemon Adventures Volume 14 for release on August 2, 2011. They've actually had them announced for a good few months now, 3 or 4 at least I believe. They announced volume 2 of DP along with volume 13 a few months ago, and announced volume 14 about a month or two after. Sadly though the covers for both volumes have yet to be released. :(

    Oh! I know you didn't ask this, but in case you're curious I thought I'd include what other Pokemon Adventures volumes we can expect for this year. :) We should get up to Pokemon Adventures Volume 16 and Pokemon Adventures: DPPt Volume 4 (Volume 33) by the end of the year based on Viz's release patterns. They haven't announced volumes 15, 16, 32, and 33 yet, but those volumes should come out based on the release pattern. (And here's the pattern too, in case your curious: The side catching up on the old releases (aka RBG, Y, GSC, RS, FRLG and Emerald) releases one volume every other month, for a total of 6 a year. The side catching up on the recent releases (aka DP) releases one volume every 3 months (just like Japan) for a total of 4 a year. And if you combine those totals, we will be getting 10 new volumes of Adventures every year. :) ) I hope this all helps!

    Oh yeah, and sadly I don't have any idea on when we'll get the cover for volumes 14 and DP Volume 2. I remember a few months ago (when they announced Volume 13 and DP Volume 2) that I was so anxious to see the cover of both of those volumes, but I only ended up seeing the cover of Volume 13 and that wasn't even until sometime in middle or late January. :( So it could still be a while yet before they announce more volumes or we see more covers.
    I responded in the thread as to why I was asking, so be sure to check if you want to know my reasoning. :p

    But oh! I just thought of another question to ask if you don't mind ^^; -- did they keep the next volume preview? :3
    Thanks for helping me out. =D But glad to hear Clair's design is still the same. Also glad (although a bit surprised) to hear that the next preview section is there. =D Awesome! I see now (I now have 8, 9 and 10, at long last) that they finally started adding them again. Out of curiosity though, where the next volume previews in the second editions of volumes 1-7? =3 They are supposed to be since they are in the Japanese volumes, but I have a copy of the second edition of volume 7 and I don't see it anywhere...so I was curious if they kept it or not.

    And lol awesome! =D Glad to hear they kept the amazingly hilarious SUICUNE SPEEDO! of Eusine. xD Nothing fits that wacky man more. And lol apparently! One reason I think we lucked out with no censorship this volume is I noticed that volume 10 has a brand new editor (the editors are the people in charge of what gets censored and not censored in a manga) and apparently this new chick doesn't find anything "inapproiate" unlike the previous editor. =D So that's good! We may not have anything to worry about with future volumes after all. Granted the new editor stays for the whole series, that is. ^^;
    Hey, aside from the Claire/next preview question I asked you in the Viz volume 10 thread, did they keep Eusine's hilarious speedo-like Suicune underwear, out of curiosity? XDDDD
    Also True.

    On another note Big Brother got moved into the RP section. I think the Games Section is getting stiffer and the RP section is getting looser.
    Hey thanks for your reply to my comment in the December Plot Discussion! ^o^ I liked a lot of what you said and glad you agreed with me too. ^^ I hope you don't mind, but since you seem cool (and hey, I like Torchics too XD) I'm sending you a friend invite. :)
    P.S. Happy Halloween btw~
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