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  • Yeah but the director or whoever said that they unintentionally left out continuity of past series in XY, probably because of the announcement of Sun and Moon so that can't be it. It's annoying that they did that too because it fuels the rumors of Iris being the most disliked character, etc lol
    Hi, no this is first to me. I know, although with way things have been going by directors deliberately erasing and rewriting pokemon past. Going as far as companies starting to edit out scenes where Misty was mentioned or referenced through some items(same goes for Brock)wouldn't surprise me at this point in slightest. Not after what they did with anniversary.
    I think Lillie is it seems. I think it's very likely that they have a huge arc planned for her.
    Ah lol
    Oh yeah, you were here since 2005. Your true veteran on serebii.:) True, my thoughts on pokemon anime are ambivalent. At times I feel like should I even bother with pokemon anymore, with all disappointments, let downs and things never going anywhere. Even for anniversary movie older fans, characters and continuity received middle finger, so much about that.

    But than part of me pushes me to keep myself in touch with it. It was still big part of my childhood, i had many fond memories of it. And i guess i have unrealistic hopes of someday things changing for better. I guess old habits die hard.:p

    Even by saying this i feel like grandpa among newer generations of fans. General mindset and views had been drastically changed compared to what was clime when i first joined. My, how much tme has passed since than.
    Yeah it's pretty cool :D
    Oh you should watch Sun and Moon. It's completely different from the usual formula that started since like Johto. Lillie is an interesting character since she's neither a master type trainer or a performer/coordinator.
    Hey there. My God, did it really passed that much time? Yeah im still here, but i feel like dinosaur at this point lol. I share same sentiment mate, most people i knew when i joined are long gone. You and me are few that have stayed, but what to say i still have interest in pokemon to some degree and there are friends i made around here staying in touch with them.
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