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Recent content by ChampionRed

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    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    I know I have posted in here before but I love doing this sooo.... Rebooting the entire Anime back to Kanto. * I would change things up by having Ash only have two partners, by replacing Misty for Blue (Intended female protag for RB/GY games). * Blue will also be a Pokemon trainer, collecting...
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    If Ash were to end on Kanto?

    How would you have liked it to end? After Ash defeats Team Rocket, Giovanni, becomes champion of Kanto and captures MewTwo, I would have liked Ash to go to Mt. Silver which would be a great follow up to Gold/Jimmy entry to the series. After Gold/Jimmy destroys Team Rocket for good, and becomes...
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    What is Your Favorite Game Shipping?

    Huh, didn't know there was a shipping between Red and Serena? 0 ,o It looks really cute, where did you find the image? Really glad the Artist used original Red instead of Uber Red~ Though yeah, of course it counts~ xD
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    What is Your Favorite Game Shipping?

    I have been curious to ask the shipping community here, in the Serebii forums of what gameverse shipping you support the most~ Mine is Burningleafshipping (Red x Leaf) with Hanadashipping (Red x Misty) coming in very close. What is yours? =)
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    Post-Kalos League Filler Arc Idea

    Well.. A man can dream~ xD
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    Post-Kalos League Filler Arc Idea

    Instead of thinking along the lines of filler. I was thinking that Ash and the gang goes and visits the Hoenn reigon, and they adapt the Delta Episode with Zinnia either tagging along with Ash and the co or becomes Ash's short term rival. Then near the end of the epsiode Ash and Zinnia have one...
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    Do you think Dawn will return?

    The only way Dawn will return is if Gamefreak decides to remake Diamond and Pearl. Even then its still a slight chance of Dawn making an appearance, since May didn't show up to promote her remakes. Instead ORAS got special episodes to promote it. DP remakes will probably get 3 ~ 4 special...
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    Should Ash Just Have One Travelling Companion?

    She won't confess her feeling to Ash. That's only an Amourshipping fans, well any shipping fans pairing of Ash fantasy. Her crush would be no more than it is now, a one sided crush. Same thing with Misty. Like I previously stated, the writers will probably kill it in a similar way to Misty's...
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    Should Ash Just Have One Travelling Companion?

    I disagree about the Crush not being resolved. The hard fact is, after Kalos ends, she will stop becoming relevant to the story, and there would be no point on keeping her on after her generation has ended. Unless there was a remake or something connecting Gen 7 to Gen 6 of the XY games. At most...
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    Should Ash Just Have One Travelling Companion?

    In generation 7? I thought It would be a nice change and break the usual cycle of 3 to 4 companions every new generation. Just to have Ash travelling with the female PC, giving both more screen time and character development. Even though some fans would like to see Ash just travelling alone...
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    If the Pokemon Director gave you one choice

    Of which saga you would like to be redone (Better!) with Ash and the gang, which would it be? Personally I would say B&W saga. The games had such a great story, and the Best Wishes saga had a ton of potential to be awesome, but it was all thrown in the bin in my honest opinion. So yeah you can...
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    If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

    I would reboot the entire series with Ash again, but much more closely related to the games, and more closer to his counterpart Red skillwise. Personality will be kept the same as in the anime. KANTO -Ash will begin waking up in time to choose his Pokemon, meeting Blue and Gary Oak at...
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    Should Ash Travel Alone in Generation 7?

    Do you think that Ash should travel alone in the next generation? While bumping into different people and traveling with them for one or three episodes? I think it would fresh the show up somewhat, and probably make him a better trainer. If Pokemon Origins and Pokemon Adventures/Special can...
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    Will They Keep Lysdare's Goal?

    Different Writers will take different approaches to it.
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    Things that annoy you in the XY Anime

    That Serena has been rather useless thus far, though that will change in time. The only thing going for her so far is her crush on Ash.