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  • My friend code is 1907-9797-0140.

    Oh because I have almost no way to tell eggs apart except my Sun ones have a SPA tag...if any don't hatch as planned I'll get you the correct one.

    I have the Jungle, Sun and Sandstorm eggs...am working on Ocean now...
    traded out all my Vivillons and Scatterbugs in the game now have to get more...
    Absolutely! My friend code is 4785 - 5629 - 3066. My name should be Kate (I think...).
    Let me just breed it for you now~
    I have collected all the starters except for Oshawott.
    I could also offer a Bonsly, Happiny or Magby.

    You just need yo give me time to hatch an egg for you :)
    I'm willing to take 4 Icy Snow for the patterns you want.

    Do you want any special pokeballs? and it will have to wait until about this time tomorrow so that I can get to the day care in my Jungle game...I'm still in the Santalune forest
    I got extremely annoyed at people on GTS wanting legendaries for vivillons so I set several games to get some of the harder to find patterns...the ones listed in my post are all natives but I have one game that I haven't gotten to the day care yet.
    Hi there

    I would love love an Icysnow Vivillon! I have Polar, which it seems you already have but maybe I could trade you something else?
    Hi, my native pattern is Jungle. I want your Icy snow pattern, so can you add my fc: 2449 6004 1037
    I can't be online w/ my game now, but you'll now when I am. Just add first. Thx.
    You said you had the river vivillon type, is there any pokemon you would want? or item? I have high plains and fairy type friend code also... i would love to hear back from you :) zoe
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