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Change is good
Last Activity:
Jun 29, 2013
Nov 20, 2012
Likes Received:

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Change is good

Constally changing

Change is good was last seen:
Jun 29, 2013
    1. WizardTrubbish
    2. Dragalge
      Change isn't good, why would you think that?
    3. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    4. Change is good
      Change is good
      sorry for the lengthy inactivity but unfortunately i can't find much time to be on here, hopefully i can find more time and yes i'm all better now.
    5. dirkac
      Hey, sorry for being sick...

      I feel fine I guess, on vacation...
    6. Steampunk
      Hey man, sorry you're sick.
      I'm doing ok, but my grandpa just died so....yeah......
    7. giratina519
      I've been fine. Sorry about you, I just got over a really bad head cold that I've had for two weeks. Nice job on the shiny, though. Last day before I return to school, so not gonna be on for awhile... Btw, Iwata is creepy, I know.... But he has my 3DS!!! (Only mine's red.... And pretty..... And shiny... ^.^)
    8. Dreamy
      I've been doing fairly well, sorry you feel ill hope you get bett-ah soon
    9. Change is good
      Change is good
      Its been a terrible week for me i been so sick, started with the sore throat then almost constant coughing at night despite taking tablets which only helped a bit. On another note shiny wurmple about two weeks ago.
    10. Dreamy
      I'm good, nothing of any significance lately, how about you?
    11. dirkac
      Hey change. Eh, nothing reqlly, gonna go sleep woon.
    12. dirkac
      Hey, sorry for oate reply.

      Like the profile picture :)
    13. Dreamy
      I love Arcanine :3 and Marley is my favorite female character as you can see, Arcanine is her partner in case you don't know ^_^
    14. Steampunk
      The Sherlock Holmes one or the cat in the hat one XD either way thanks.

      So, anything special happen to u on 12/12/12?
    15. dirkac
      Great, gonna have to leave soon though.

      PS. You might want to put the VM's on the page of the person you're trying tovtalk to, as I didn't realize you replied.
    16. Change is good
      Change is good
      hi dirkac i have been good and you?
    17. dirkac
      Hi change! How've you been?
    18. Change is good
      Change is good
      hey ansem the wise how you been? i do like the forums, i haven't been on for over a week because i have been trying super hard to get as many medals as possible before Christmas as i will too busy on my new games to play for many weeks. i have at the moment 201 medals!
    19. Steampunk
      Hey man.
      How are you liking the forums?
    20. Change is good
      Change is good
      (comment removed)
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    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

    What your signature is evolving? dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuun your signature has evolved into BEEN HEAR AWHILE. What do you want to nickname it? I'LL BE BACK!

    I can't wait for Pokemon X and Y
    Shiny Pokemon to date: B2 Random :531: :525: SS Random ;013; ;037; ;163; all 3 on the same day too :eek: Given Shinys SS ;130; B2 ;443; :612: W2 ;147; MM B2 ;265;
    Arcanine the LEGENDARY Pokemon FTW ;059;
    GEN 3 RSE are still the BEST!!