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    Team Embrace The Bulky Offence

    ^You may be right... Hmm. He does do pretty much everything Gliscor does, but with better attack... I will certainly consider it, and look how to use Landorus-T (whom I have no experience with)!
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    Team Embrace The Bulky Offence

    Hello everyone, welcome to my very special RMT, built to capitalize on the potentials of Bulky Offense in the new generation whereupon we find ourselves in. First, the team building process! So, I started with Goodra and Mega Mawile. Goodra's enormous Special Defense and great coverage made him...
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    Anime/Cartoon Character ABC game

    Robbie (Gravity Falls).
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    Pikmin Series Discussion Thread

    ^Yeah, the controls are far better with a Wii Remote n' Nunchuck. So, who here's loving Bingo Battle? I think it's a great idea, considering the Pikmin series is more about collecting doohickeys than other Real Time Strategy games. I just wish more of the awesome miscellaneous stuff (for lack...
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    What is the most UN-creative Pokemon?

    Wurmple. Just Caterpie and Weedle spliced together, innit?
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    what type is it

    Normal/Dark type. Googol.
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    Pikmin Series Discussion Thread

    THE TREND TALKED IN THE FIRST PERSON. Yeah, I think that should've been made more difficult. You do feel impending disaster right after you-know-what happens, but if anything, Pikmin 3 should've made juice a bit harder to obtain, and optimally, had more fruit. Which is why I hope there's some...
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    Official Wii U Discussion Thread

    We'll see. Nintendo has been doing their best to make their adopters happy of late, so I wouldn't say an ambassador program is outside the bounds of reality. $50 isn't so far off from $70, as probably is the euro equivalent. But we'll see.
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    Nintendo 2DS

    My opinion on the 2DS is that it is for children, who's mothers want a cheaper device that won't fry their children's eyeballs (so to speak). Not a gamer thing, obviously, but that can't be the intention.
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    Pokémon X & Y's Effect on the Metagame

    ^I know. I can respect those who like the previous generations above this one, but I don't think I'd like too many stall fests filled with Snorlax/Suicune... Then again, I rather dislike the introduction of Terrakion in this generation for being absurdly good as well as something I'm not...
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    Pikmin Series Discussion Thread

    ^Trendy, trendy. I can certainly see why you would want to take it all in... It's going to be Nintendo's best looking game until the eventual Zelda/Metroid Wii U game.
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    Pikmin Series Discussion Thread

    ^I always forget about said whistle's existence, so no, I have not... After my brother gets done with his play through, I'm going to try what I call a triple fruit play through. Same as the regular campaign, except for me to proceed, I must have 3X the fruit as the number day it is. I'll...
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    Pikmin Series Discussion Thread

    I think the best in the franchise is a tie between Pikmin 2 and 3. Pikmin 2 had loads of stuff to do, lots of humor in the treasure descriptions and sales pitches, and a multiplayer mode. It also deepened the gameplay of the original by adding two more Pikmin types. The downsides were that the...
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    The below poster turned down your gift.

    The endless possibility of it causes my brain to retract into an unrecognizable pulp. The next poster receives the refined essence of foppishness.
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    A Living, Breathing Setting

    ^I just tried to use an example everybody would know. As far as popular fandoms go, I probably could have done some Kingdom Hearts (which has the most fanfictions on it on fanfiction.com) thing if I knew of a place that was super-fleshed out in the Kingdom Hearts multiverse. Buuuuut, I don't...