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  • Electric companies have no choice, sooner or later they need those customers and flexibility is necessary. I guess the kind of job makes time pass more quickly. May I ask what did you study?
    I wouldn't be like this if I could just understand what I've done to deserve this.........................................................................................................
    hehe... customers never learn, lol
    time passes quickly, once you gain seniority you'll get more options to be promoted
    some people just need a reminder :p yes, some people are so silly, I had "lawyers" calling to "sue" me if I didn't spoil them, lol XD
    computers setup for call centres is not hard dude, and they can hire you because you already know their software, you can get a Microsoft certificate and try (just saying)
    When I was a CSR I used to "intimidate" those customers saying that I was recording the call :p It works!
    Laws are crazy sometimes, same works here with evictions. That's why I support the idea of companies pushing bad customers or people out of their business before December.
    My advice is you to learn about computers if you want to make more money and still get involved with that company, you can do support or develop software for them. (BTW only if you like computers)
    MONEY matters, right? ;)
    I did customer service for 2 years, very interesting job... some customers make you laugh and others are horrible, but if you keep your cool you can survive. Why don't you become a supervisor there? Those guys make more money and don't have to answer calls, and if you are good with computers you can move to IT roles.
    I agree, 10 hours of work a day are worthy if you only have 4. 8 or 10 is about the same dude. Consider also bus fare or gas expenses. But if you like your job then you can't complain. Years ago I worked in a nice place and I was used to work 50 hours a week without getting mad :)
    What about Friday? Same idea? Yeah, Mondays are busy in most of places. In my last job I sometimes worked Tuesday to Friday plus half Saturday to get Mondays free.
    Then maybe you should ask him what his reason is, because he certainly won't tell me.....And I'm not trying to force him to be friends with me, but if I could know why he unfriended me, then I can finally be at peace with this and move on.....
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