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Recent content by Chaos Emperor

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    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Contemplating why I or anyone else even bothers to try to continue with life when we’ll never be allowed to live life anymore, at least not any life worth living.
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    Hello. no I don’t.

    Hello. no I don’t.
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    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    It’s attraction at first sight, and that really only happens in early 20s and younger. Once u hit mid 20s that doesn’t really happen anymore.
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    How did you meet your spouse?

    Nope. I’m forever alone. :(
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    The Worst Part of Your Day?

    Just woke up from a very jarring nightmare. Even though I’m awake now I still feel disturbed by what my unconscious mind cobbled together. T_T
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    Pokémon that could work in other game series

    Hitmonchan would be interesting in a punchout game, either as secret opponent or secret skin for little Mac.
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    If u need to talk, just message me, ok?

    If u need to talk, just message me, ok?
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    Metroid Series Thread

    well as someone who’s only played the series here and there, I don’t know everything about the series, but from what I’ve seen with the fans, 2 things I see for certain is with modern Metroid (ie everything after super Metroid), anything that’s not the prime trilogy (and now prime 4 to an...
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    Metroid Series Thread

    Call me cynical, but I feel that the game will end up being good, but not good enough for Metroid fans who’ve built insane amts of hype since the prime 4 announcement a couple years back, meaning that the game will probably end up an 8-8.5/10 (which for someone who’s not a diehard Metroid fan is...
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    Have you ever wondered that you were born in wrong country/ in wrong time?

    same. but yes, I do feel I don’t being in the world of today as I can find very little I can connect with. I wish I’d been born 35-40 years earlier than I was, simply cause even if I’d still be alive to see modern madness, I could at least take comfort in knowing I’d be checking out before...
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    Connection to Legends: Arceus Speculation

    The only thing I can think of is some bonus given to u by having save data from one or both games unlocking something in the other games.
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    Could Snorlax ever replace Pikachu?

    eevees become a pseudo mascot; after all in lets go it’s alongside pikachu as the Pokemon on the box. But the only ones imo that could be what I call “mascotmons” would be Pokemon that are small and cutesy (like pikachu and eevee) or ones that give off an aura of bad***ery (like Charizard or mewtwo)
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    Could Snorlax ever replace Pikachu?

    Well originally clefairy was supposed to be the mascot of the franchise, but then decided on pikachu cause I guess they considered its appeal more universal; i.e. a pink fairy wasn’t gonna appeal to young boys (Pokémon’s target demo), but pikachu could.
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    Your first RPG exposure.

    The earliest I remember was the snes version of final fantasy 4 (or 2 as it was known back then), but the first one I was able to properly understand and beat was probably final fantasy 7.
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    Do you think the Gameboy holds up today?

    It technically didn’t even hold up when it was new; the sega game gear and Atari lynx were both much more powerful, able to display in color and with a backlight. Of course that meant they ate through batteries like crazy but nintendos handheld line has never been the most powerful on the...