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  • Lol. How the hell did you get those shinies?! And I see what you mean about having to trade before you start over. I would, but I don't have Wi-Fi... xD;

    Lol it does! I think some, such as Chatot's, are awesome! xD
    Aww! School sucks... I hardly have any time to do stuff I like! ¬_¬
    A WEEK?!?! Holy hell. I played it for a while until I got there!! ^^;; Yeah, I think you should go through it slower next time! xD

    So what Pokemon did you get?
    Yep, I'm a Rush addict. Witch Hunt is my favorite song, followed by Subdivisions.

    Yes, I'm definitely never changing it. I love it too much, anyway.
    Yay! I'm glad that you got it!
    OMFG!! You got a shiny on your FIRST TIME PLAYING?!?! Holy crap!! I've never ever found one - EVER! Wow, you must have something lucky with you! xD;

    And yeah, its Valley Windworks! ;D
    Hmm... I'm not sure how common that is... its never happened to me anyway! I don't know, I guess you'll just have to try it and see - there's no other way! :s
    Oooh, I chose Piplup!

    They pick them 'cause they is the awesomeness!! I have a Rapidash! lol Its, like, one of the only decent Fire-types you can get in D/P!!
    Woo! Wait, they didn't have Pokemon Diamond or Sonic Rush?! What kinda crazy shop is that!? Lol Oh, I always, well mostly, buy my games online! Like eBay and stuff? Its easier to find the games you want!

    Piplup?? Lol

    So will this be your first DS game, yeah?
    Hehe! Yeah, well, it totally is! xD

    Oh cool! I think I know what that is, is it a game that's not licensed by Sega, but is just made by a fan of the series? If so, i've played one before. Its like Sonic Advance 2 (I think)! Its great! If thats not what it is, then please, PM me! ^-^
    Really? What about Planet Freedom? They lived there once! In the movie I just showed you a clip of... lol Meh, I think its cool either way!

    That many? I don't think so! I love that game... but some levels are quite challenging, which is a good thing depending on how you look at it! xD
    Heehee, Sonic sounds gay in it! Lol No, I don't like the cartoons much either, but the anime, Sonic X, is just the absolute best in my opinion!! Its my fave anime!
    Yeah, like in Sonic Adventure they live on Earth? Meh, I think its pretty cool how they live on Mobius and stuff!

    Hmm... thats a tough one... Well, it really depends on which one you're more a fan of, Pokemon or Sonic. Diamond (or Pearl) is a great game, but I'd go for Sonic Rush. I dunno if that helped, so its entirely your call!
    Yeah I do think his voice in SA2 (assuming you mean Sonic Adventure...) was really good, and not to mention cute, but I think this voice suits him!!
    And yeah, he totally said that in Shadow the Hedgehog... ¬_¬
    Make fun of Tails and ye shall feel my wrath!!! Lol xD

    Oh, and just for the record, his voice is Sonic the Movie is the worst one of all time!! Wait, no ALL of the voices suck BIG TIME! Click. I don't expect you to listen to the whole video, and trust me, you don't wanna do that, but just listen for a couple of minutes - it sounds like Tails has a permanent cold!!! xPPP
    Yeah, lol! Well hope you get the games you want soon! xD
    Tails is the best!! He's so cute and smart for and 8-10 year old!! xDD ^-^

    o_O ...

    ...I LOVE his voice actor! I don't see why people don't like his current voice... </3
    Lol, yeah I'm obsessed and hardcore with the Sonic series, wait, more importantly, Tails!! I love him!!
    Wow! You don't have D/P?!?! Even more WOW, you didn't know you could get Sonic games for the DS?! Of course you can! They got really good reviews! Sonic Rush and its sequel, Sonic Rush Adventure. I have them both and they are great, but kinda hard!
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