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Recent content by Chaos Wolf

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    Suggestions for what direction to go with a Aqua or Magma Team?

    Hey All, I've been tempted to try running a team through Ruby or Sapphire of the opposing team, I.E. Magma in Sapphire, Aqua in Ruby. That being said, I feel like Mightyena and Crobat Duplicates would be a bit boring. Could anybody add some suggestions that might push me in the right direction...
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    Official "What is your Team?" Thread

    I've doubled Back to Fire Red, and my current team looks like this. Eevee Lv30 Ponyta Lv 30 Mr. Mime Lv 29 Magnemite Lv 30 Tangela Lv 29 Currently at Lavender town with the Silph Scope, and why yes, everything aside from Mr. Mime was Traded in, Need to find a better way to do that...
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    (YGO) Would a Mirror match be inherently more balanced?

    Hey, random question that's been bouncing around in the back of my head, would a scenario where both players have the same exact deck be more balanced than one using a mod of the Warrior Structure Deck 5 and one using a mod of the Spellcaster Structure deck from around that same time. A...
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    Have you ever had them moments where it's like the game knows what your thinking?

    Yeah, actually, I ran into that just the other day. Using "Sunbo" against Chuck's Poliwrath... Sunbo, as the name suggests, Is a lvl 30 Sunkern (waiting until Ice Cave to evolve.) While the odds of a Sunkern defeating an equal-leveled Poliwrath is about the same odds as a baby Sea turtle...
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    Suggestions for a Pokespecial Dppt team?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to build a Pokespecial Dppt team trying to emphasize the cooperation between Dia, Pearl and Lady Berlitz, but I'm somewhat stuck on what to use as Dia's Second, Split between Munchlax and Bastiodon. The only rules I have set up so far are 1. Must be a pokemon the...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Admittedly, I put that in to try and stave off the "Genesect, Meloetta and Keldeo" points that I'd feared would be made almost immediately. I'll amend the title if it's possible. Edit: Yeah, just tried it, only takes care of the sub-title on the Original Post... ah well.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    What kind of event pokemon would you like to see? While I was playing a round of Fire Red following the actions of Red from Pokespecial. I had an odd idea for an event pokemon (that admittedly is now out of date) Red's Eevee. (Or Retro Eevee if you prefer.) Eevee w/Everstone Mild...
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    #633 Deino / #634 Zweilous / #635 Hydreigon

    WKS, I'd love to get one of those Dark Pulse Deinos from you if it works. Just send me A PM when you get the chance. I'll send you my FC in the Reply.
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    #331 Cacnea / #332 Cacturne

    Hello, if anyone would be willing to spare a Cacnea or Cacturne for a short span of time, I'd like to borrow one to breed Pawniards with Sucker Punch. In exchange It'll have gained a few levels free of charge, and be taught/re-taught Sucker Punch if it doesn't already know it. If interested...
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    Ash Team help please.

    Hi, I need a bit of help again with deciding what the final member for my current team in Fire Red should be. See, I'm building a team specifically designed to mirror Ash's Kanto adventure up to (potentially a little before) the Giovanni fight. The short way of putting my reasoning is that is...
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    I caught Mewtwo with an Ultra Ball

    I seem to recall getting one with a plain Pokeball, but that could just be my imagination building a fake memory. I'll check Leaf Green one of these days... Anywho, the Ultra Ball Mewtwo win is always a refreshing change from the more common Master Ball Freebie. I think the Ultra Ball win I...
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    Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

    To start, I will get Soul Silver, being the one I bought first originally. But, through some sort of odd case, I will invariably pick up a copy Heart Gold a while later. I Remember I bought Silver straight from Nintendo. Still have those pins around here somewhere...
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    have you ever noticed this?

    I left a Swampert in there to get a Mudkip for my friend when they were starting it. I tried to take it out of the Daycare and they said I didn't have enough money. At first I was all "LOL what?", Then I noticed I was down to like 300 Pokedollars. I went and won some more money, but from that...
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    Sinnohdragon's Sprite Den

    Oh, sorry about that Sinnohdragon. Fusion: Pokémon 1(Base): Flareon Pokémon 2: Arcanine Pokémon 3(Optional): Ninetales. Details: Shiny Ninetales.
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    Sinnohdragon's Sprite Den

    I have three requests. A mini Poster of a Shiny Rayquaza, a line only of Raikou, and a fusion encompassing Flareon, Arcanine, and Ninetales.