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  • I hope you're not too troubled by me asking this, but do you ever plan to continue Chronicles of Unova? I know I did not like it, but I thought of it the other day and you did put in effort and get a good number of fans. The Anthea and Concordia chapter was also a marked step up from the early chapters I reviewed.
    re Your Post about Breeding a Wurmple

    The determining factor for Wurmple evolving into Silcoon vs Cascoon seems to be personality.

    It seems to be a hidden value. I haven't figured out a way to calculate it or determine it in any manner. The only time I've found it mentioned is in relation to Wurmple and its evolutions.
    I admit that my main source of info is Serebii. I have know idea if other sites have anything further to add.

    Also I went back to the main sites pokedexes originally it was thought to be a Day/Night evolutions. This might be worth testing again.

    If you find out anything more I would be interested.
    hm, if you think you can give it Ice Punch I'll let you take the VIctini & any other thing I have. Otherwise it's not a big deal
    Yea, I know it won't be Swift Swim. Shiny isn't needed, but if you decide to go for it I won't mind it being shiny.
    If you're still interested in the Victini would you be able to get a Specially flawless Modest Scrappy Whismur? No Egg Moves or anything.
    Thank you for answering Chaos, I appreciate your words.

    I double-checked with the speed tier and damage calc's and I don't think Blastoise will do much.. Besides if SR is already on the field
    Water spout would never do as much damage as it should. I like the suprise factor in the sitaution, but its a one-time suprise and will after only backfire.
    My team is desperatly in need of an Phazer, i got sweeped by an Sigilyph yesterday so I really missed an bulky blastiose with Dragontail/roar so I made my choice going for bulk :)
    Bold is an better idea than Calm I suppose?

    True, my expertise is in the NU tier, suprise factors are amazing there. in NU everyone fears my Flare boost Drifblim that being said ;).
    Guess I always try to give some flows of NU to UU can't help it xD.

    I already have an proper counter for Choice scarf Adamant Heracross. I hope the majority has Adamant instead of Jolly though.

    Thanks again,
    I adore suprise factors, but on the other hand I see your point. His stats and movepool asks for an bulky approach.
    I figured a Timid Blastoise + Choice scarf with 192 ev's in speed can outspeed anyone in the UU tier aside from Electrode and Accelgor which is pretty cool
    and with water spout he can be really suprising as some will probably switch to a ghost type when they see Blastoise will be up, and will most likely be sweeped by Water spout due bad predicted. (Spiritomb takes 2 water spouts to KO). Your thoughts?

    You feel like talking about my team idea? If not thats fine too.
    I like to figure things out for myself afterall.
    Hey ChaosBlizzard, I was wondering.. Do you have any expercience with Blastoise's? (UU)
    I want to have him with Water spout timid instead of the stall Scald set.
    And then I died. Because. This is amazing. And perfect. And one day, it will be my cover photo for everything.

    It's been good! We took like. a 4 week break on accident, but we're getting back on track. My life has gotten so busy, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

    You? I haven't heard from Adventures in Unova in a while. :(
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