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  • Oh lol, can't believe i mixed it with Sableye. Been awhile i watched that episode. Nice to hear you like Gliscord, yeah he is amazing. I especially felt sympathy for him when fearing heights and confronting other pokemon being enjoyable to see him grow stronger, and even after evolution he managed to kept charm it has as Gligar.

    My favorite is probably Entei. Even though it was illusion in third movie, way in which he was portrayed as extremely loyal and caring(like some sort of parental figure)won me over, and his sacrifice in end to protect Molly added to momentum.

    That and i like his design, stats and resemblance to lion(my horoscope sign).

    So are you excited about upcoming battle between Drayden and Iris ?
    I know its random, but i couldn't help but notice you always have Sableye as your avatar.

    Is he your favorite pokemon ?
    I noticed you always ignore me, when i try to talk or ask something.

    I would at least appreciate to be given some answer/explanation, because im not quite sure with what i offended you?
    Hi i would just like to ask if you received pm message i sent to you?

    If you did than judging by being completely ignored i guess i said something wrong or unintentionally bothered you.

    I would appreciate if i could at least be given explanation if that was the case,and i apologize in advance if i offended you or annoyed in any way.

    love it! I like saying that to people randomly and then get confused 'cause I'm not, like Ali G isn't!
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