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  • Hey, congrats on the Mudkip! I remember reading about your long Torchic hunt in the old shiny threads, did you ever get it?
    Hey, thanks for the congrats on mudkip and sorry it took me so long to respond!

    I did actually end up getting the torchic after almost 35k srs. His name is Finally and he's my most prized shiny haha.
    Thanks :) Now at 7,700. I have probably got the longest single system hunt for a starter going at the moment. Willow is double hunting Popplio.
    Thanks so much! I'm more relieved than anything, I was beginning to think it didn't exist in my game XD. Good luck on your 3rd gen Torchic hunt, you're way overdue for it!
    It was a shorter hunt by my standards at first, then I failed and regirock put me through my paces before shining again. And yeah, Gen VI is evil to me that way
    Many thanks! :) Already at 11 hours for BQ #2 (but that's not that long in the grand scheme of things). But yeah, really hope it doesn't take anywhere near as long as the first!
    Thanks for replying. I'm now at 49 hours, nearly 12,000K RE and nothing :( Never had a RE hunt in generation 6 last even CLOSE to this long before. But yeah, I'll give it until the end of the day, and if it still refuses to shine, I'll try running around without her following me.
    Thanks so much :D And I really hope you can finally bring that Torchic hunt to an end! I feel like you've had that hunt going for as long as I've seen you posting!
    Thankies ChaoticInverse :) Still got one box of Munna left to hatch, which I'll do tomorrow. Would be crazy to get three in a six-box batch!
    Thanks for the tip! I wasn't sure if the repel trick worked in 3rd gen. I'll definitely keep it in mind.

    Good luck on your hunts!
    I figured just as much as the patience deal. I just didn't know if there was any certain thing s that help
    Improve your odds or something such as that! But yes, thank you for the advice.

    And darn... Would really like some of the legendaries to shine but I guess we all can't win. Anyways thank you again for answering my questions :)
    Heh, thanks. I actually knew about Safari week, but I wasn't really participating for shinies, I just want one measly Lucky Egg ;-;.
    I was talking about resetting the game for the Wishmaker Jirachi in general, not necessarily shiny.

    Also, the wishmaker Jirachi can be shiny.
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