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  • Thank you for the congrats. It means a lot. Please, update about your shiny achievements to, vm me or post on the HG/SS shiny forum, so I can congrats you back.
    Don't hesitate to ask me questions although I'm not the best shiny hunters out there.^^
    Thanks again!

    EDIT: no, I'm lazy to continue hunting for Mareep.
    Well I wanted it's attack to be the best so that's why i chose Adamant =] I'll probably Ev the speed aswell. Yes Jolly would have probably been a good choice but i went with adamant.

    I'm wanting to get all the legendary birds shiny and i want Suicune aswell so i'll probably go for Suicune next since it's just standing there without having to surf or go thorugh a cave for.

    Good luck on your hunts =] x
    Yeah, let me re-state that, it's a good experience but one is enough ><

    Seriously though, good luck. Lemme know what happens.
    Thanks alot, good luck with your Shiny hunts. Look forward to me posting a Picture of my future Johto starter Shiny, hope it's Totodile that Shines ^_^.
    Yeah, I've seen two of them myself and I hope to avenge them on a Route 102 hunt eventually. To be honest though, I don't feel bad about losing them. It's actually sort of enjoyable. It's a good experience, at least. Still sucks to lose them, but it's a good experience for a real shiny hunter.
    I'm just randomly playing. I'm having the hugest blast; I'm focusing on my LeafGreen game right now, repeating one of my most treasured teams from about five years ago. I'm doing everything right, even getting their natures to the best I can with decent IVs as well. x3 I want it to be perfect, and a shiny Pidgey just makes things so much more promising.

    I'm hoping to pick up a hunt sometime soon, but I think I'm going to try and complete this MM Carnivine hunt which is WAY WAY WAY overdue before I go and start anything. xD

    Good luck on your hunt, too. :)
    Thanks for the congrats. n_n I shall be evolving my shiny Swinub/Slugma at some point, but I'll be keeping the Sandshrew unevolved as I already have a shiny Sandslash.

    Good ;uck on your shiny hunts.
    I'm just gonna post my new shinies in the shiny threads on HG/SS, 4th gen, or if I'm lucky in 3rd gen forum from now on.

    No, I'm not going to evolve my Wooper. I like shiny Wooper more than Quasire.
    If I want its evolution, I can chain for it on D/P/Plat.
    Did you chain your shiny Wooper or it's random encounter too?

    Good luck on your hunts, but why Torchic? The colour is kinda lame :x
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