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  • Thank you! I'm usually decently lucky with hunts being under the odds, but I guess I prove to myself I can do longer hunts if needed! I'll take it as karma for all the times I've been lucky ;D
    Good luck to you too!
    Thank you! I'm so glad that hunt ended - don't think I could've coped with a 6th Budew!
    Wow, thanks man for cheering me up! I'm still trying to get it the only problem is that since it is like four minutes per soft reset I can only do like 10 to 20 soft resets per day. But hopefully it'll shine sooner than later. Thanks!
    Thanks so much! I really hope Dialga goes easy on me - my first two legendaries weren't exactly speedy :x How are your hunts going?
    Hey thanks for the encouragement! It really helps a lot, especially when I feel like this hunt is driving me mad haha
    Thanks! I'm just glad I remembered that I could SR for it and got it before I ever decided to restart my Platinum.
    ^_^ Thank you! I'd expected her to be a lot more coy (or stubborn), but apparently she was getting fed up with encountering me over and over again XD
    Thanks ^_^ The bugger did not want to show himself, but he couldn't hide forever!
    It's okay, I really overreacted to it at the time! That's not a bad idea, though I wanted to get a Buneary to use on my BQ rather than Murkrow because even though I prefer Murkrow, I don't want to evolve it whereas with Buneary I would and therefore it'd make a better addition to my BQ team. I think if it gets to the point where I can't stand the sight of Eterna anymore I've gotten Murkrow, I might switch it over. Thank you for your help though c:
    I didnt notice and it is sad because I had not one, not two but THREE shiny pokemon and I didnt even notice :(
    Thank you :3 posting about it made me feel a lot better about it and I can always find another shiny!
    It's not as bad as I thought! One more Budew might irritate me though, since then I would /fully/ have a duplicate (since there's only 3 pokemon in Budew's evo line) - but I just don't want Eterna Forest to beat me! I really would like to continue with my BQ though and get back to Cranidos xP. And wow, two arduous hunts - wishing you the best on both, since you're daring enough to put up with SRs that long!
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