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  • Thank you! I originally just set out for a BQ for anything but a Wurmple (as I had one before I started it) but my main target was Murkrow! Though now, I'd like to eventually get both Murkrow and Buneary to complete Diamond's Eterna Forest set. Good luck on that Latios - I'm guessing you're SR'ing for the storyline one (? the one that's not the eon ticket) since you mentioned the long SRs - I hope it shines pretty quickly before the SRs become tedious!
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend :) (even if you're not American and this has nothing to do with you lol- I'm putting this on all happy wishings just to be safe)
    Dang! I didn't realize, I actually only put her in my party to check her nature and noticed she was shiny. Thank you so much!~
    Grats on the Torchic! Birch is so mean to me :( every one is getting their shinies but me >.< oh we'll, it fuels my determination to have one too!
    I had a feeling that Kyogre and Groudon are locked (like everyone else), I've only seen on picture of a Shiny Kyogre from Origin Cave but credibility is low on that, since well, photoshop lol. I will try for Latias, though. I've seen multiple pictures of them shiny...just no live vids probably because the SRs are so long. Thanks for answering my question, I know details are still hazy since people are still testing the waters.
    I am sorry that Torchic is taking so long for you. Long hunts are the worst. Best of luck on that.

    Also I was staring at your signature with pure envy. I have all the shinies that I've ever had since I was 13 (I'm almost 22). I have 20 (I think)
    Thanks for the inspiration! I can't wait for mine. People reacting always makes me laugh because I'm a much quieter person than most. Where a lot of YT reactions to shiny are shouting and cursing, I just usually gasp and make a weird "Squee!" noise. Picture an overly-excited mouse haha, that's how I react. Although once in the car I yelled "OMG LOOK!" to my little brother and my mom got mad for scaring them (they thought something on the road is what made me shout). That was for my shiny Charmander.

    After I finally get a shiny Treecko, I'm planning on experimenting with the Poochyena encounter to see if I get a female. Though I won't try too long since I'll have to go through the whole beginning sequence again.
    That's great! I seen a live shiny encounter of Reshiram so looks like everyone will be doing lots of legend SR hunts :3
    The person doing the video also mentioned a friend SRing a shiny Azelf... So many hunts haha
    Not a problem. He posted on his twitter that he got the shiny, and no video has been posted just yet. Heliotrope was the one who did 27k resets and didn't get a shiny, bet she'll be happy to know they aren't locked :). I'm actually on the way through the game to SR for a shiny Reshiram but I have a feeling it'll take a while :p.
    I didn't want to post again in the shiny thread, but youtube user AaronOathout got a shiny Reshiram, so yes, the locks are gone 100% :).
    Thanks, and no, I'm not doing Kanto. But I do have Groudon, Ho-Oh, Rayquaza and Mewtwo to get before ORAS ideally. Unlikely though it is...
    Yeah I know that, its just that ever since I stopped using my JPN ditto my shinies hatch alot faster its remarkable really. I got like in 1 week 5 shinies (not including the random ones which is also around 2 or 3)
    I guess. But this Lugia seems to really like blue. At 22,060 and counting now. 460 today already, and it's only 13:22 :)
    Thanks CI. I really hope I get it soon too. Got four other legendaries I want to SR on this game prior to ORAS, but I don't think that's possible now...
    Try mentioning that in the thread instead ;)

    We're discussing a hunt for the community, so I feel it is more appropriate to discuss it in a more public area (the thread) rather than through VM or PM.
    Thanks for the congrats! Looks like I'll have to choose between umbreon and sylveon then...he'll by no means be competitive (other IVs were like 3s and others below 15) but I still want him to be the best he can be. :) Thanks for the advice x
    Thanks! Fingers crossed that Chimchar is next.

    And good luck to you on Torchic! That is a ton of SRs, hopefully it shines soon!
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