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  • Thanks! And yeah, I have no idea where this crazy luck is coming from! Hopefully I'll be even luckier than I was last summer.

    Good luck to you and your hunts, too!
    Thank you very much :D Yeah I'm kinda juggling targets honestly :V I have way too many at the moment. Good luck to you too!
    Thanks! They aren't really that hard to hunt though. Unlike all the other roamers you don't need to track them down. Just check your pokedex and bam, you can tell if they're shiny or not.

    And thanks for the wish of luck. I'm at 1400 eggs so far so I'm hopin he'll shine soon~

    Good luck on any hunts you got goin!
    I'm actually not hunting at the moment. Coursework is a higher priority, and I'm finding that properly playing the games is more satisfying. ^^ I occassionally SR Groudon for short amounts of time every so often, though.
    I'd gladly share it! It may sound horrible, but I'm having a hard enough time training the shinies I already have without more showing up! xD
    Call me crazy again... I just found a shiny Graveler on the first encounter from booting up HeartGold this morning... oAo
    I'm hoping my grandma gets better, too. I was to dumb to realize that she has gotten older and not the same old amazing grandma I once knew. I just want to be with her a little bit longer...You know?
    Haha, you did miss-understand me mate! Conf. has hatched over 7,000 unshiny eggs, I was just confirming that the Zorua he was using was definitely Japanese as I gave him it :)
    Thankyou for the congrats xD I know right? It took wayyy too long for what it is. I'm glad i persevered though definately worth the wait. =)

    Good luck with your hunts!
    Ohh I love shiny noctowl. May just have to try for that one at some point.. Rlly do hope I get it soon, though this weekend I doubt I'll hatch any eggs at all cuz I'm doing the shiny hunt in pinwheel with others n_n a nice break from hatching I'd say, and I did get a shiny from the one last weekend, so deffo worth a shot. =P
    Thank you! =] Yeah it's blue body just made me love it. I can honestly say I have an intense hating for the normal green one by now though, see them hatch too much :')
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