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  • Hey! Haven't I said I would rate alongside ya? Trying to get back, and I guess I'm succeding at it, haha!!!

    And hey... You've improved a lot, Chap! Nice job!
    That problem with the rules... I know everyone have broken them at least once, but it isn't hard to follow it at all. I know 80% of them are scared for we think their teams are bad. Plain bad.

    Sure! I'm creating a imaginary one xD
    Hey Chap... Seems like you're pretty active on 6th gen IGRMT. Too bad I am not that I can't be as much as I would want too.

    Anyway... How are newbies doing this gen? Better than before?
    Damn you, Chap! I was ready to post a team! I wanted to be the first to post! I guess you took my place!

    Ya, sure! I will! I will also post a themed team. Hope you rate it! And it's so good! I am really happy! Finally, we'll be back at rating after so much time! Remember when you've started to rate? xD
    Good times. I remember when I and Logan (Aura Sensei) were active and would work together rating teams. We both would help each other. Hope I have my old and now a new partner in rating! Are you up to it?
    You're right. I guess, we can start posting teams 6th gen In-game teams now in 5th gen, as there is no 6 en IGRMT for us. Do you want to do it?
    Too bad. We should try to talk to a MOD or ADM and asking them that. But I think we should wait just a little bit, until the middle of december or january, as Pokébank we'll be out, and I guess they're waiting that too.
    I remember when I was facing a Greninja and he had used a Spikes. I swear by God that I didn't know it could change its type.

    I've had a funny battle with a guy in PS. I've had my Greninja and he had an Alakazam. Since I would outspeed it anyways, I've used Dark Pulse on him to try to take him out. Funny thing; It had megatransformed and had used Focus Blast, which had hit my 'Ninja and changed his type to Protean (because of Trace). The whole battle was horrible! It was so unpredictable that it make it hard. I've lost, obv.
    I imagine if 'Ninja had a better SpAtk. Would it be the team's havoc? xD
    Yeah, Protean Greninja is indeed awesome. Too bad the rumor that he had Rapid Spin is nothing but a lie; he would be an awesome lead. Sure, he does lack in defense, but its ability so unique, allowing him to always gain STAB and it's too hard to score a S-E hit on him AFTER he moves, as you're working with his current type or with what you think he'll use. Personally, I've used one with U-Turn, Spikes, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam. U-Turn is great for switching, and considering few would use a Fire or a Flying type move in a pokemon whose type is Water/Dark.
    And don't forget of Klefki. That thing is great! He has a great typing, granting him several resistances and two immunities and a good ability in Prankster and a good movepool in support. The problem with him is his defenses and HP.
    Also, Goodra in Rain is good and he has a quite good bulk and offensive stats, too bad weather was nerfed in X/Y.
    I am playing on a simulator, Pokemon Showdown, though I'll probably start playing in my White 2 game too. And I think I'm doing fine at it, I've got a lot of experience in those days (like 3 or 2) and can say I'm doing well enough. I've had 5 wins today and 2 losses. Yesterday I had 4 wins and 3 losses, the gap is getting better. Also, 6th Gen pokemons are so AWESOME!
    Hey Chap!!! How you are? Man, I have a lot of things to talk with you. I've just started playing competitively ♪
    Wait... There's no 6th Gen C-RMT either? By God... What the hell. I thought they already had that thing up. Oh well, the lack of pokedex in Serebii is really something.

    What about Cinccino? What set would you use?
    Yes. I guess we'll have to wait. Perhaps, in February or January we'll already have our IGRMT? I'll be the first to post there, haha!!!
    You're onto the competitive scene, right? Wow... I need to play competitive urgently. Who knows, my rating skils may get better!

    But In-Game Crustle... Leftovers is preferred, I guess, specially since he is always using some stat increasing move.
    I wasn't here when 5th IGRMT was created. But 5th gen IGRMT was already in October of 2010, and the games had its American release in March of 2011. Guess 6th gen is taking too much time already. But we can wait, as Serebii pokedex isn't completed.
    And I think they didn't requested it.
    Ah! Crustle still have its uses. I, personally, prefer Rock Polish Crustle over his Shel Smash set; mostly because that way he can wall something, and after he set up (usually 4+ Speed), it's unlikely he'll trouble dealing with other pokemons, as Earthquake + Rock Slide is a great combo and X-Scissor grants coverage against Dark/Psych/Grass types. Something I don't see Cloyster doing, plus his movepool is so shabby. Though, Cloyster's ability makes him into a killer. What item he can use?
    Oh dear... I haven't noticed you edit your previous VMs. You don't need to always edit it, if feel I will not notice it, shoot me a new VM and I'll reply. I don't really care.

    Anyway, we have to talk with moderators about it or send them some PMs asking for it. Not only that, though! We can ask for other people to help us, as one alone may not be sufficient, but a lot of people together will annoy them a bit! Or a lot! <3
    Here on SPPF, at least. I'm 17. I know, because of my grammar and such, people may associate me with a 7 y-o that need its butt kicked to learn some manners and grammar, hehe.
    Most of my friends here are, usually, bellow 17, so I can say I'm older than them.

    Cloyster is something I wanna try. You could help me creating a new team, eh? Want to try?
    Oh dear... I thought you were older. I'm surprised! The users on Serebii seems to be younger but are so well developed in a lot of things. I'm really surprised! I thought you were 16 y-o.

    Well... And I'm feeling old now. I'm not that old, but eh... I'm older than most of my friends here
    Haha!!! I remember your Crustle. And well, he is a interesting piece. I like him as well, specially his unique typing in Bug and Rock. You reminded me of something... I don't remember EVER using a Crustle. Should I try it?

    And I know how you feel. I remember when my Haunter sweeped the E4 with so much ease! He was a boss in my Yellow game.

    How old are you, Chap?
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