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  • We still don't know if we'll have a 6th Gen IGRMT. If we want one, we'll have to make some noise for the moderators listen us.

    And nice team you have there! Too bad, I'm totally rusty at this =(
    When I'll get my computer back, I'll probably spend more time in comp and *try* to improve a little on that matter.

    And where is your avatar, Chap? I'm still waiting! <3
    Hello Chap! So, i justed found that i should ask for you to apologize me. I know i was a harsh with you before, but i don't want you to feel sad due to our actions. Most of Raters are Dumb anyway...so, don't consider what Lapras! say about you. He just think he's awesome, even if he's good at rating, there's no reason to him acting that way with you, its just a matter of time to you become good at that too ^^

    So,.why you don't put an Avatar? You don't have one! You really should put one ^^
    I'm trying to get back into rating a tiny bit mroe. But whever I go to a thread, It's already been spammed by suggestions so there isn't anything for me to comment on

    So... conversation starter... you don't have to say if you don't want to but you live somewhere in North America? or somewhere else
    myself, I'm on the west coast of canada where it rains lots lol
    have you seen me around much before? I haven't been posting in IGRMT for like the last month and bit so..

    well hi. we haven't talked before :)
    Not sure why but I post my Planned White Team for a week and only one person who reply my thread is Aurawarrior8, Thanks to him really much. I still want more reply on my thread
    I think I mean poison, but I think I just done a mistake, I edit it already, thanks for telling me that.
    Not sure if you realized this or not, but in my Pearl team thread you said that Ground is super-effective against Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric, and Fighting. The last part isn't true; Ground hits Poison super-effectively, not Fighting. Again, not sure if it was just a typo or if you were unaware, but I just figured I'd tell you.
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