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  • Zephraxe: *Hardly budged by Sugi trying to move him as he holds on to Lysandre* Sugi, sorry and try to fight back! *Pushes Sugi away with Psychic* Now... *Looks Lysandre in the eyes* Your barriers deflect energy, not physical objects... Now I have breached your barrier. *Unleashes a powerful Thunderbolt onto Lysandre*
    Zephraxe: Hehe... Heh... You take us as fools because we're children... I am far from being a child. I will kill you... I have no quarrel with it. *Flies at Lysandre and tackles him to the ground*
    Zephraxe: How dare you... HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF HIM THAT WAY!!! He is your son, damn it! *A murderous desire towards Lysandre fills Zephraxe*
    Zephraxe: *Sighs* Lysandre... If you need to control the mind of your child to make him like you, then you have serious issues. Can you at least explain what you are planning? I don't see any reason for all this.
    Zephraxe: Lysandre... You don't deserve to have a child... And no child should have to suffer being your child! Let Kirito go, NOW!
    OOC: I saw that you closed the Inferno Faction. I'm kind of sad, to be honest, but it was getting very inactive.

    Zephraxe: Yes, I can! This way! *Leads Sugi to Kirito and Clemont*

    But these are not those angelic creatures. With Fairies, I am talking about a headless knight who opens all doors called the Dullahan, a shapeshifting fairy that often turns into a horse called Pooka, and a fairy who wails to signify death called the Banshee.
    Zephraxe: I can manage that... Just give me a minute. *Begins to search the place to find the generator* I can't find- Oh, here it is! Are you ready? I'm going to hit it with Thunderbolt... *Hits the generator with Thunderbolt*
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