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  • OOC: No problem!

    Zephraxe: *Telepathy to Sugi* Should I go on without you, Sugi? Our main goal is to find Clemont and Kirito, but... Whatever this cannon is, we need to stop them from firing it, too.
    OOC: I thought you were going to because you introduced the two mystery characters. xD Can you control them, though? I'm not sure what to do with them.

    Also, there are two challengers waiting for their forms to be accepted The Inferno League.
    Zephraxe: *Telepathy* Let's get closer... *Floats closer to the source of the talking*

    OOC: My gym is still open, by the way.
    (i apologize for such a late reply. typed something and forgot to reload it. didn't want to reply till i had the EXACT same thing. but screw that...btw, ??? was Drake)

    Me: Really drake? REALLY?

    Drake: ...but............

    Me: *grabs Drake and spins around, throwing him back home*
    Zephraxe: I'm not surprised that it did. To control a human's mind is difficult and to erase memories is even harder. I'm familiar with the subject... It was something commonly practiced in the facility where I was created... Anyway, we need to stop Lysandre from doing whatever he plans on doing. *Begins to float down the stairs*
    Zephraxe: I... I sense quite a few people down there... I don't quite understand what's going on. Do you know what Team Flare is planning?
    Zephraxe: No... I'm... I'm all right. Let's hurry... *Floats ahead of Sugi and floats down the staircase*
    Zephraxe: *Remains silent for a moment* .... Okay. Let's... just go in. *Goes into the café with a troubled look on his face*
    Zephraxe: I s-see it too... *Flies over to the café* I'm going to stay in th-this form... the p-pain is slowly reducing and I don't w-want to feel that again...
    Zephraxe: *Hears the voices from Sugi* S-Sugi?! Are you all r-right?! *Still following Kirito and Clemont's trail*
    Zephraxe: S-Sugi... *HIs voice quivers and a tear rolls down his face* I still need to find Clemont and Kirito... I can't just leave her here... The only way I can move fast enough is... *Sighs shakily* Here it goes... *Suddenly, he emnates a bright, white light and transforms into his green and black Latios form, which is about 7' 9"* GYAAAAH! *Cries out in pain and falls to the ground* I-I m-must rescue th-them... *Uses Psychic to lift Sugi and places her on his back. He flinches from the pain of her laying on the burns* I must... *Lifts off of the ground and continues following Kirito and Clemont's aura* find them...
    Zephraxe: Sugi! *Uses Psychic to catch Sugi before she hits the ground. He gently sets her down and kneels at her side* Sugi...? What the hell is going on...
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