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  • Zephraxe: If you say so... I won't stop worrying about you though. It think... I think we're getting close.
    Zephraxe: Well, whatever it is... We'll find out who took Kirito and Clemont soon. Are you sure you are going to be okay?
    Zephraxe: Hopefully... Let's just keep following their aura.

    OOC: Oh, I beat SiLeNtDeViL609's gym in the Inferno League, by the way.
    Zephraxe: Thanks... *Seems sonewhat relieved* I wish I could transform and fly, but... it can make wounds even worse...
    Zephraxe: I'll try... I hope they aren't too far away, though... *Closes his eyes for a few moments and moves his head around, as if looking around* They went... they went that way! *Still has his eyes closed, but he points in the direction Clemont and Kirito were taken*
    Zephraxe: I don't really know... All I could tell is that people were in danger... Damn these burns! If I hadn't been so reckless earlier, this wouldn't have happened!
    It's all right. :)

    Zephraxe: Huh... that's odd. They were here just a moment ago. If something had happened to them I would have sensed- ..... Uh oh... I did sense something before, but the pain from my burns distracted me and ignored it...
    1. You know Victini and Zygarde are banned in VGC, right? And whose the Tower Duo? And the Mortality Duo?
    1. That's kind of what I meant. But Lati@s is not from the main part of the game. When you say "main part", you mean Mascot Legendaries, right? Examples include Lugia, Rayquaza, Mewtwo (sort of, as it wasn't a "mascot", because in gen 1, the starters were), Zekrom, Palkia, ect. Some Event Legendaries include Jarachi, Celebi (who can also be considered the Crystal Mascot), Genesect, Mew (sort of, as there weren't really gen 1 "events" that I know of), Darkri, Diance, ect. Arceus doesn't quite fall into Mascot or Event, but obviously it's a no. Event Legendaries are legendaries only obtained legally via non-in-game-events. Battle Facilities (Frontier, PWT, Mansion, ect) ban Mascot and Event legendaries. VGC, for some reason, bans all of those and Chaterot.
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