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    The Legend of Zelda Club

    Yes, I saw this. Interesting choices, but I do not like Lana. She looks... IDK, like in the ending she'll be hurt badly but be able to do badass stuff anyway or something dumb like that. Or she'll be helpless. Agitha is interesting... But note, all characters are from Twilight Princess so far...
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    Inferno Productions

    Thanks for understanding. :) I'm about to do a request now. Thanks for the luck!!
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    GWSC- Week 53 Poll

    Ryger Vandell that is awesome.
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    Inferno Productions

    Accepted! I am super sorry about not doing requests, but this Friday (6/12/14) is my last day of classes. This means that after finals (my last one is on the 25th) I'll be free to do art! I hope to get one or two done this weekend, and then finish up the list after finals. Sorry for the wait...
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    The Legend of Zelda Club

    Accepted! As is the other member, wherever your signup is. The new trailer from E3: SO COOL! But I think it is in fact link because: Same earrings Link still has a ponytail Same casual wear as WW EDIT: IDK if this was a long time ago or if it was recent and I never posted it here, but...
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    The Legend of Zelda Club

    Favorite ending to an LOZ game? Sorry I know that this out of the blue but I really love the darkness and finality of TP. It was perfect, dark, bloody, and justice was brought to Ganon. Not my fave LOZ but damn great ending ANYWAY I changed my name yup yup yeah And yes it was confirmed for 2014
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    GWSC- Week #53 "Color chain!"

    Using the guy in the OP but I forget his name whoops. I'm using Charmeleon. (Shocker.)
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    GWSC - Tournament poll final week

    One and one. I just can't see any major differences other than the staff thing on Two.
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    The ref never reffed it so I was confused. And I didn't want to undo the DQ.

    The ref never reffed it so I was confused. And I didn't want to undo the DQ.
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    Custom B2W2 style Battle Sprites

    I think it's good, but it's too noticeable that you use the same sprite base/template for each one. Don't make the left (right arm on the sprite) arm so exaggerated if it doesn't need to be. Otherwise great work :)
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    Inferno Productions

    Denied. Read the rules. _ Milotic, thats good. Accepted again.
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    The Legend of Zelda Club

    I think it's slightly overdone, but I'm fine with it. I'm pretty sure the game has blood, too, so it'll probably either be a Teen or Mature rating from ESRB. And, um, yeah, MedMana makes a good point with the MM and OoT Great Faries. I mean... Eh... Let's not go there, actually. *Shivers* I'm...
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    GWSC - Tournament poll week 2

    Voting Beginner #2 and Pro #1 I liked B2 more because the fusion and recolor look great, and I love the contrast. I like P1 more because it's so unexpected, but works perfectly!
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    Inferno Productions

    It's fine, and, almost perfect. Where it says "Y/N", you either delete them Y or the N. The N represents No, and the Y is Yes. Deleting No means that you want something, and vice versa. So where it says Animation, you say yes or no. And P.S. I love Ike and Fire Emblem, though I want Chrom in the...
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    Sounds awesome. I'll join. I can't promise overwhelming activity, though.

    Sounds awesome. I'll join. I can't promise overwhelming activity, though.