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  • Yeah, the budget strains really started to show as they got towards the end. And apparently he basically rewrote everything but the basic framework of the game at a certain point, so it's understandable.

    The more time passes after I've played it the more unsatisfied I feel with it as a conclusion to the franchise after all the waiting but as a standalone game it wasn't bad, and the atmosphere of dread and unease was heavier than anything the franchise has ever thrown at me before. So I guess I'm alright with how it turned out even if I wish the ending was a little different.

    What else have you been playing lately? I'm trying to finish Nier before I go off to university on the 18th.
    Yeah, I finished it two nights ago. jfc

    What was your opinion? I thought overall it was pretty solid but some of the stuff especially towards the end was super questionable.
    Quick (random) question: you planning on making an "Anime Awards 2015" thread, or were you going to pass up on that?
    Eternal Darkness told me you're a fan of Gurren Lagann. Do you know if there's anything similar besides Kill La Kill? I just finished it, and holy ****, what a show.
    Well, hello there. I'm sure you remember me. I was that Funimation fanboy that you and your friends on the anime forum liked to scorn. I've watched many anime since. I'm currently re-watching Code Geass for the third time. Thank you for convincing me to watch new anime, therefore unshackling me from my small-mindedness, even though we were never friends. It's comforting to know that my viewpoint was changed by a bunch of elitist fags on the interwebs.
    I PMed you a joke about how MU always gets mad when you ask him why he doesn't like something.
    What's funny about this? NGE is great for character study and I guess you just find NGE funny due to you misunderstanding the point of Shinji.
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