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  • The games seemed to be different in construction, so at the very least, I thought they would be packaged together, but still separate games.

    I think the games will turn out okay.
    Oh, yeah, sometime I don't find news until later on. Your quote expresses everything.

    I pretty much expected Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain to come out separately. I would like to play it on PS3.
    Did you hear about Halo designer criticizing Kojima about Quiet's design? I posted the "news" on the thread.
    Pfft, that figured. Might as well go the extra mile and delay it until the next fall season, it'd be great to have a horror anime in time for Halloween.

    Whatever, it wasn't like I was pulling my hair out over it. Thanks for pointing it out anyway.
    I was referencing the time I thought of a Herman Cain joke to describe MugoUrth. It's in our history.
    I found the quote about Herman Cain:

    Herman Cain, this week, became the first Republican Presidential candidate to receive Secret Service protection, after he filed a request with the Department of Homeland Security. Because it's dangerous out there for Cain: you never know when some lunatic might walk right up out of the crowd and ask him a question.
    Although I'm guessing I have it a lot closer than you do, Inaba is definitely best girl, Iori is a close second.
    I actually like the three of them fairly equally, but Toradora just isn't Toradora if Ryuuji doesn't get with Taiga.
    That was me who said that.

    It is indeed 2-cours, but after Otorimonogatari ends, were switching/rewinding back to Onimonogatari, which occurs directly after Kabuki AND concurrently with Tsubasa-Tiger's later half.

    Koyomi's Big-dAmn-hero moment at the end of Tsubasa Tiger occurs as he returns after the conclusion of Onimonogatari's events.

    Otorimonogatari's final scenes/event leads directly into Koimonogatari, which is THE last arc were getting this season, which at earliest will start airing last week of November. So the complete conclusion to Otorimonogatari's conflict with Nadeko Medusa the Goddess occurs in Koi. Nadeko's fate is resolved in Koi, as is Koyomi/Shinobu and Hitagi's.

    Hitagi finally has another role/appearance in Otori. We haven't seen her since Tsubasa Tiger iirc.
    i still need to watch the original Little Busters its on my list just havent been watching many animes besides the ones airing. to busy reading LNs, and playing KH 1.5 haha
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